Unable to play at all since Sister of the Thorn

Hello, I have been happily playing Vermintide for well over a year without any issues, including chaos wastes. Since the launch of Sister of the Thorn I am completely unable to play.

I have yet to have a level load fully and sometimes even loading to the main hero selection / splash screen does not work. I am booted out to the desktop with the below:

GUID: c02f7c11-e752-43cf-999b-f7de0815bdda
Log File:
Info Type:

I have tried re-installing the latest video drivers and verifying game integrity but from my side nothing has changed other than the version of Vermintide. Please may you assist?

All I can see in the crash data is a GPU-related error, which may well be the result of an error in our code but from experience 95% of these crashes have a localised cause, such as bad drivers or overheating. I appreciate you’ve already re-installed your GPU drivers which would eliminate that option.

We’ll keep an eye out for related issues but in the mean time I recommend running through the remaining solutions here: [PC] How to Resolve GPU Crashes – Fatshark

Thank you for the feedback Julia, I’ll run through the link you have provided.

Thank you Julia, I went one step further and fully deleted the GPU from device manager so as to clear any cached drivers not being replaced by the NVIDIA installer. The drivers that windows 10 has proffered are working and the game is now again stable.

The errors about memory were throwing me off but as you were able to pinpoint GPU I could resolve. Please mark this one closed and thank you for your help!

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