Unable to clear 'new items' flag for items received from pre-order / imperium edition when game launched

Hi Fatshark!

I was playing one character in the pre-launch beta, once the launch happened we got a bunch of cool cosmetics!

The problem is that all loaded into one of my characters upon first getting said items, it loaded ALL of the items into that character.

Even the ones it cant use.

I don’t know if this happens to new customers or only the ones that were with you at the start like me.

So there is stuff sitting as ‘unseen’ in cosmetics but can never be seen by that character.

is there a way you can just run a script to mark all cosmetics seen to remove that annoying ‘new items’ notification? I’ve actually missed new cosmetics now as I cannot tell if something is actually new or if’s just that bug.

Yes, relatively low in priority to fix, probably a P4, but for a QOL change for some of your oldest supporters of Darktide, please?

I believe this mod does it, Nothing New Mod

Will clean up all ‘new item’ notification dots on the UI
It seems that the UI doesn’t like to show us the new stuff we apparently have access to, so the ‘New Item’ indicator often lingers on longer than is immediately helpful

This mod will clean up the current state of ‘New Stuff’ across all UI screens. Just turn the toggle on, in the settings, and it will self toggle off when it’s done.

Come back and re-turn it on, the next time you see an indicator stick around

I would prefer honestly not a mod to fix the issue. That being said thank you for pointing to something that can help

I am just hoping Fatshark fixes the problem.

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