Unable to buy from the Ingame Store

I’m trying to buy Long Drong’s Landlubber outfit but when i press Acquire nothing happens. I have money in my Steamwallet and Steam overlay is enabled aswell. There is no other way to buy it since its not shown in the Steam store nor on the Vermintide 2 website. Any fix for this ?

Hi @Caedmon,

Which country is your Steam Store set to?

Also, have you previously been able to purchase cosmetics, and is it only Long Drong’s Landlubber specifically that you are unable to purchase? Does the aquire button work for other cosmetics?

You can close this. It’s fixed,i also made the same post on Steam and [Fatshark] Aqshy was really fast in having this resolved !

To add,the Acquire button did work for other cosmetics or dlc’s but certain ones just didn’t do anything. Im from Eu - The Netherlands.

Oo super! Glad to hear the issue was resolved :slight_smile:

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