Ulgu Weaves Crashbug (not the rejoin crash)

There is not only a crash bug for the host when someone rejoins, it also seems that there is a crash bug which always crashes the same player in a lobby again and again. So we changed our host, now another player crashed constantly but again, always the same player (but another player as the one before we changed the host). It’s very annoying in ulgu weaves in combination with the rejoin crash, which crashes the host of someone rejoins.

Hi @Max93,

Could you please provide a crash report or console log from a session this issue occurred so we can take a look?

Thanks in advance.

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Srry i was a bit unclear in my wording, i meant he disconnects all time from the host, vermintide by itself doesnt crash. So there is no crash report :confused: But it’s a bug more players seem to have, because i spoke with several players about this

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