Ubersreik DLC Bad Performance

Hi there

I noiced big fps drop in Ubersreik maps, when fighting many enemies, it doesnt happen in base game maps or Bogenhafen maps
no change to settings and I played base maps after dlc, so, this happens only in Ubersreik

maybe you want to take a look at it

thanks for reading


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I get crazy screen stuttering/shaking/tearing during the Ubersriek maps as well especially if a fire mage and a dwarf use fire weapons into the horde.

Iโ€™ve tried playing with and without V-Sync and changing my graphics setting lower but it still occurs. It makes it really hard to see whatโ€™s going on.

Please FatShark do some optimization CPU Wise,
Since the last patch and this patch my FPS drops way down to low 30~ In Hord combat With an 1080Ti
But worst on it is that my friends do not enjoy playing right now because of the Huge Performance impact they Enjoy the game Greatly like Myself too but combat with so low fps feels sluggish to the point that my friends dont want to play, Even when putting everything in Lowest setting i still get around only 45ish fps in hords.

Please Fatshark Do some optimization for the next patch.

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