Twitch mode locked in public/private since Patch 2.0.12

First time posting, hello everyone. :slight_smile:

Since last patch, I haven’t been able to switch from public to private, or from private to public in my Twitch games. The option in the top right corner is always greyed out. This happens both in Quickplay and in custom games.

Activating Twitch mode also seems to automatically set the game to public in the custom games window, and the checkbox to change that is also greyed out. Although i’ve been able to start a custom twitch game set to private once during my testing, I don’t know how I did it, and wasn’t able to reproduce it.


If it matters, I wasn’t streaming, I just used the name of different live twitch channels to activate the mode

The issue is still present after hotfix


Yea this is a bug.

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