Configuration toggles not sensitive in twitch mode

In the Twitch-Mode panel, all configurations are disabled (host game, private game etc.).

As soon as i connect to my twitch account, all configurations in custom games are disabled as well, but keep their previous states.

Therefore as a streamer, i can not host a game in twitch mode where viewers can join in via lobby browser (since it is always private by default, and can not be changed).

There is a workaround however:

  1. configure a custom game as public
  2. connect to twitch via twitch panel
  3. go back to custom game panel (all configurations are disabled now)
  4. start a custom game

The custom game is now started with the configurations i made before, but in addition twitch mode is also active now since the connection still stands.

What is the bug here? Are twitch games intended to always start as private? Or should the configuration in the twitch panel be sensitive in the first place? I can’t think of any reason why i shouldn’t be able to host a public twitch game.

The reason i bring this up is, because i quite often see new streamers trying the game, but since they don’t know the workaround they can not play with their viewers without adding them in their steam friend list first. Would be really nice for all twitch streamers if you can make the private toggle sensitive in the twitch panel :slight_smile:

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Since this is my first bug report here, may i ask how the process behind the bug tracking is handled? It is stated that this topic is automaticlly closed after 7 days if nobody responds in that time. In case that this thread is closed anyways, can i assume that the issue is still on the ‘not-fixed-yet-but-hopefully-soon’-list? Or shall i keep this topic open? Thanks for the clarification in advance :slight_smile:

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