Twin-Linked Stubber sound bug

Issue Description:
All sound cuts out except the falling of shells from the stubber

Steps to Reproduce:
Equip and use the twin linked heavy stubber for ogryn. Also cuts out for part of the reload.

Mission Name (If Applicable):

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Reproduction Rate:
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I have the same bug, put another option than “automatic” in sound menu detection (stereo, etc)

I have also experienced this with shredder pistol. Audio will cut (music, mobs, etc.) except for the sound of fall shells. Then when reloading audio will abruptly come back in.

I am having the same issue here. Never had this issue before, but today i changed my headphones cause the ones i was using died and now i have this twin-linked stubber bug. It fires 2 shots and the sound cuts out and only the falling shells sound remains. When i stop firing the audio returns to normal after a couple seconds and then it bugs out again every time i start firing. I triend on the ripper gun and on a bolter and the audio is fine, just the stubbers are bugged.

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