Trial by plague challenge not counting the missions correctly

After a long hiatus, I have started playing again a few weeks ago.

I have used quick play extensively with a number of characters. But today, as I browsed the challenges, I have noticed a surprisingly small number of missions completed with all my characters for the trial by plague X.

Is it a known issue?
When did it start counting? How can I have level 30 characters and not done all missions with a given character?

Many thanks for your support.

What exactly do you mean? Are you talking about these?

It will record anytime you clear the map with that character class, at whatever difficulty you did it at. Having lvl 30 doesn’t mean you have cleared all the maps with that character class, as you could have done it on another class. For example, I was Kerillian lvl 200+ before I finally got around to clearing all maps on Legend with Shade. As I mostly played Waystalker.

I am.
However, I have played many missions with Ironbreaker, and it shows absolutely none. And none with ranger either, which is absurd since it’s the first playable career for the dwarf.
Kerilian I have played almost always with the ranger, and it shows 2 or three.

The only posible explanation is that the count starts when the challenges were introduced

Oh, they do. It didn’t count progress before they were introduced.

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Smoker is correct. Most of the challenges weren’t retroactive when they were introduced back in June '18. Sorry for this.

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