Trail of Treachery stability

Loving the map, but I’ve had a few crashes during the finale, is there anything I should avoid? Or is it just luck

I’ve had some crashes there, but none at the finale, as far as i can remember.

Hey, what platform are you on and where are you experiencing the crashes?

PS4, and the crashes are mostly after opening the box in the town square, on three different occasions I’ve gotten to the “light the ring of fire” and crashed before it was over, in fact if we wipe during it will crash trying to load the results too

Just had it crash as the “speak to olysia” text popped up, any updates? Seems way more common on cataclysm, I beat it on champion with no chrash but every game I’ve played on cataclysm crashes, in a lobby or private, and I’ve even tried a different ps4

I play on PS5, and I have been able to beat this mission twice (on legend). I’ve had the game crash dozens of times when playing the mission, including three times at the very end of the mission. Once when all the enemies died, once on the walk to the portal, and once in the portal before the mission ended. I’ve had it fail at various points throughout the mission, on all of the routes. It doesn’t seem to be a specific point where it is more prone to happen, or specific behavior that causes it to happen more often. It happens when playing solo, and when playing with my friend on PS4. Currently if the mission comes up in rotation, I do not attempt it as I have gotten quite good at the mission through my many attempts.

The error code that pops up is CE-108264-1 if that helps. I’ve sent reports every time it happens in the event that helps with diagnosing and preventing the problem. When the game crashes in other instances, that is also the same error code that tends to pop up.

Hopefully things can be improved by the time part 2 of this series comes out, and I can play them both back to back. If the situation gets resolved, please include it in the patch notes so I know to give it a go again.