Total Kills from a specific Class?

@any dev
can you pls tell me the total kills of my elgi ? i rly want to know it :wink:

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Stats like headshots, damage taken etc. would be great as well per career. Not a priority but it would make for some interesting comparisons. The closest thing we have is the weapon kill count mod.

Thanky you for reaching out to us @PsychoDad !

Here are your requested stats:

  • 350 056 Enemy kills
  • 785 263 Friendly fire damage
  • 6 280 Ubersreik four kills
  • 250 headshots

Some interesting stats below!

  • You have died a total of 532 253 times to an overhead; the community’s average is 123 000.
  • You have triggered rush intervention a whopping 150 000 times! This is 25 times more than the average player!

Hope this helps and answers your question!


cool thx
but only 250 headshots?`? that cant be right…

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It’s probably a limitation in the metadata. It doesn’t count headshotting teammates, for some reason.

(it’s like they rigged it against elves)


Abradolf Lincler, is that you?

Elgi Deja Vu

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