Hey FS can we see some kill stats?

so i was sat at the respawn totem feeling grateful how well these nurgle chaos troops treat prisoners. watched the other 3 get dropped by aback of around 15 gunners.

and it set me to wondering , you know how you sometimes post those global player stats, kills, deaths books picked up etc. well i was wondering if we could get an enemy version ? players killed, put down and not picked up, thrown off the map , covered in nurgle juice etc.

just would be interesting to see

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You seem to have troubles understanding. What you are describing is not what op was asking for.

then ok…

I have understood “well i was wondering if we could get an enemy version ?” that like he wanted stats for the enemy side…

He is asking for something that you can only get if you log it from the server across all games played. You can not do this with mods. Something like the rejects unite event. Idk why fatshark would do it. But I dont think its a bad idea for the aniversary. Unfortunately they would have needed to track this all this time for it to be possible. I doubt it.

ah ok… got it…

Like what we had on the launcher?
then ok… i remove my comments, not needed.

You’re right… I did not understood at all what he described.

yeah i dont know if you remember but after the first weekend or week they put a poster up that listed millions of missions run , billions of enemies kiled, books picked up etc.

just thought it might be interesting to see how many peopel have died to gunners in the last year :wink: that sort of thing

A good CM would come up with stuff like that by themselves. It engages the community and makes it seem as if the devs cared about their players and how they play the game. Its a pretty standard thing imo.

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