To Devs: Could You Consider to Make Or Give An Option to "Hold And Release to Fire" on Rapier's Alt Pistol Shot?

Since it seems has a delay before actually shoot, I really hope to see this change.


This would be nice but are you sure you want to buff the rapier? It’s already pretty strong.

It would be a buff? I think it would be more like a QoL.

It will make it easier to land shots, right now you have to time with the delay to make shots, if you can hold and release you don’t need the timing as you will have precise control over when the shot is made.

It will feel less janky so I guess its sort of qol, but it’s indisputably a (minor) buff too. I already use the pistol shot a lot and find it quite good.

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Ah, I get your point now.

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