Tired of dying by barrels

By FAR the biggest threat in this game is the lit barrel in the corner someone hit - intentionally or not. I’m so tired of being flung into the void to just auto-die because of these ridiculous barrels that Willy Coyote fling you halfway across the map. Least of all lose grimoires over it. Why are there so many god damn barrels and explosives that do jack against enemies but will quickly ruin your run on perils places.


You have to try harder to die by something else.

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I do agree explosive barrels felt a lot better done in VT2 than here, waaaay too many random explosions because that guy in your team lit that one barrel.

Sometimes I have done it by mistake because I didn’t expect my weapon to hit a barrel through several poxwalkers and almost off-screen.

There are also way too many of them.