Tiny change would make Pyromancer super fun

It costs ~13 HP to fully vent the overcharge bar on Necro, Unchained, Battle Wizard.

Because of the longer overcharge bar it costs ~25 HP for Pyro to vent a full bar.

If these costs were equal the pyromancer’s theme of being ranged-focused would feel much better. Currently Pyro is still outshined by the other classes who have fun gimmicks. Having a larger overcharge bar that costs 13 HP to fully vent would make pyro fun, unique, and not be OP.

Thanks for listening!


…An argument could, could, be made for this becoming a passive, however. Pyromancer has a talent option that reduces venting damage by 80% by default, even more with enemies nearby.

I personally feel like its good enough since she by default already has the perk of infinite ammo and a very powerful high overcharge passive giving crit.