Timescale of animations was lowered after mission


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Issue Description:
After completing a mission the timescale for all animations both of my character and all other was set to about half of the normal. (Guessing it got stuck at the timescale used in slow-mo scene at end of mission)

The game otherwise ran at normal speed, so all hits were registered as if i swung my weapon at full speed, the gun was reloaded at the normal speed, etc.

I had to quit the entire program in order to reset it. Swapping characters did not help.

Steps to Reproduce:
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Sadly i do not know how to reproduce the issue so i will try to list as many details as possible.

Operative: Veteran Sharpshooter, level 1
Mission: Assassination, Difficulty 1 (Sedition), Prison map, Boss with energy shield (Sorry don’t know the name of neither the map nor boss)
Party: 4 random players, 2 Ogryns, 1 Veteran, and another i don’t remember the class of.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Assassination, Difficulty 1 (Sedition), Prison map, Boss with energy shield (Sorry don’t know the name of neither the map nor boss)


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
12/17/2022, 1:40PM [UTC+1]

Reproduction Rate:

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Did not think of recording it at the time.

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-12-17-10.20.13-59246db9-a4ac-496f-acb2-0ffc3267952a.log (706.1 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (67.5 KB)

Had this same issue a moment ago. I had finished the mission (difficulty: sedition) that ends with you scanning stuff with the auspex near a big dead tree thing, just reached level 2 and was in the cutscene where Zola says “we’re losing trained veterans”. Since I’ve seen it before, I held Space to skip it. However, afterward, all character animations moved very slowly. Now that I think of it, the cutscene was moving in slo motion at the moment I cut it short. I pulled up the scene on youtube, it’s about 15 seconds into the scene, where your character passes the other fireteam. Anyway, animations back in the Mourningstar were super slow, though my character moved across the ground at the normal speed. I joined a mission (difficulty Sedition) and it still ran slow, i believe it was the mission where you load the coolant rods at the end. I’d click to swing my axe, and before it would even complete the animation, I’d see the X hitmark indicator on the center of the screen, and hear the hitting sound effect. When I clicked to open a chest, it opened slowly. Effects like fire also moved slowly, though the hacking minigame where you click the symbols moved at the normal speed. Oh, and when we rode the open elevator down to the final fight, the elevator moved slowly so I was teleported down when the fight started. I was stuck there for a bit and had to jump and wiggle myself out. When we hit the first button and the first coolant rod became available, it was hovering in mid air because the elevator had not actually lowered into place yet. After the mission, things were still slow in the Mourningstar. I backed out to the character select menu, and it was still slow. When you click on a character, their hair and clothes drop a bit as the model settles, and these dropped slowly. I quit the game and restarted and no longer have the problem.

I’m on the Xbox PC store, username BeejHunnicutt. I have a Ryzen R5 3600 and a Gigabyte AMD 6600. Windows 10 version is 21H2, KB5021233. AMD video drivers 22.1.1 The bug started around 5:30pm central time, US, Jan 5th.

I don’t have video captured on the computer, but I did take two short videos on my phone and can email them to Fatshark or upload them somewhere if needed.