Time Spent EXP

Hey devs!

Its crucial for new players to feel their time is well spent. Please add a flat exp gain for time spent in a mission that applies if server disconnect or mission fail.

Not recieving enough experience for a lost mission will not justify the time spent. Players wont move on after a frustrating loss and finding out they did not progress on top of that may make them lose interest. (I see it happenening in beta…)

This post is aimed to the newer players, the ones that might give up if the lose a few missions in a row and start to realise they are still the same level and have been playing for 3 hours.

Yes, in the long run for tides players, thats not much time spent. But for a new player thats make or break. New players need a comeback mechanic, a gimme, a freebie. We want everyone to unlock perks and get better


Don’t they? I see gaining EXP and gold based on how far I get (allthough i never get above 50% of the total reward).
Now the fail compensation being too small is an argument I can vouch for as a player that loves the game but doesn’t have 4+ hours a day


Its posted, but the end game screen flys by soo fast its very tough to see, or feel rewarded imo, especially on a defeat.

In the long run all players that stay will have lvl 30 characters. I dont get to see the data of those that make it to lvl 5, id be curious to see.

To compare, in Pokémon (stay with me here!) your 1st pokemon starts at lvl 5. They have even changed your rival to pick the unfavorable matchup. The game starts you off swinging down like an ogryn, giving you a distinct advantage while teaching you that super effective is super effective. Then once you catch a few, you start to swing up and encounter the games difficulty curve.

The difficulty curve in Darktide is punishing and a lot of players enjoy a challenging experience. New players to the tide’s series might be coming from a more forgiving experience. I hope the devs look at the challenge curve and try to alleviate the harsh introductory to tides.

A fair solution could be a x2 exp release weekend.

Also, for any devs out there reading, there is a game called Overwatch 2 that has quite the spicy community. I’ve already heard some chatter in voice comms saying “team diff” if the team wipes. I personally think it’s hilarious. But just something to keep an eye on.