Tier 4 Infernus blessing only applies 1 stack per crit


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You seem to be using tier 3 and not a tier 4 blessing on the weapon (according to your provided screenshot). It also says that it’s 1 stack per crit up to a maximum of 6 stacks. Why should it give 2 stacks burn on crit?

Because a tier 1 (no marks on the diamond) only does one stack.
Tier 1 - no marks
Tier 2 - 1 mark
Tier 3 - 2 marks
Tier 4 - 3 marks

or are they going from tier 0?

Oh, I see Infernus is now a T4 only perk, it has no levels. I had a look at my old infernus weapon that didn’t have any marks on it before and it has 3 now.

Also I have another weapon somewhere that has an infernus that adds 2 stacks of burn per crit.

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Here it is, same tier blessing but different value

@FatsharkQuickpaw Are blessings supposed to have the same values across weapons or is it an issue that the same blessing with the same tier has different values?

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I’ll ask, although my gut says that that’s probably intended.

EDIT: Yup, 'tis even possible for it to vary per weapon type actually.

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Thanks for checking!

Imo that’s quite confusing. Two of the same blessings with the same tier on the same weapon should be the same. Otherwise what’s the point of tiers?

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The difference is for different weapons, the slower firing lasgun adds more stacks per crit.

Ah, I misunderstood. My bad. That’s fine then.

That’s not a bug… some blessings work different on different weapons[although it is a bit sad].
like on Kantrel you could roll more stacks on crit like 2/3 for lev3 blessing on the automated one you get only 1 at tier 3… personally I think that’s bad & not fully intended but will probably be as “not bug” from dev side.

I got Acatron with hs chance increase with each shot on weak spot tier max & infernus tier max as well & yes it could be better but is not.

Also those burns were also nerfed a lot with the bleed system… they do 1 stack 4 dmg to carapace… like the bleed dunno if that was intended :stuck_out_tongue: