Thunderous weapon trait has adverse action vs flak armor, and doesn't function correctly on combat axe

Issue Description:

“Thunderous” weapon trait has reverse behavior on flak armor, and is malfunctional on combat axe.

Tested three different weapons with the ‘thunderous’ trait: thunder hammer, mk8 combat axe, and chain axe. On all three, consecutive hits to flak armor decreased damage on each subsequent hit, instead of increasing.

On the combat axe, subsequent hits to any armor type other than carapace didn’t increase damage (the other weapons increased damage for each consecutive hit, until a stack cap was reached). The trait on the combat axe seems to only function against carapace armor, and malfunction against flak, where the other weapons functioned against all armor types, yet still malfunctioned against flak.

I tested the same weapons without the trait to make sure that it was indeed the trait that was increasing damage, and weapons without the trait did not increase damage, nor decrease damage when hitting flak- only with the ‘thunderous’ trait did this happen.

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Player ID:
[Steam ID/Triggerhappy]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[12/17/2022, 2:52AM] [PST]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Funny thing, a dev clarified what certain terms mean and how they function. What Rending does (and Brittleness by extension) is change a percent of the damage mod to be unmodified rather than use the flak / carapace damage mod, which you can see by hovering over Penetration or Stopping Power for most weapons. If the flak or carapace armor mod happens to be more than 100%, well, turns out you’ll actually deal less damage once Rending or Brittleness gets applied!

I don’t have a Thunder Hammer to check, but I do have a Combat Axe and Chain Axe, and yup, both those weapons can have their flak armor damage mod go more than 100%, so you’ll see reduced damage. Technically working as intended, I suppose. Even then, probably not the best way to go about it - hopefully it’ll get looked at.


it is even worse versus bosses because plenty of weapons have over 100% modifier vs unyielding so you quite often make your entire team deal less damage to that beast of nurgle or plague ogryn when you apply brittle to him