Thunder Hammer Phantom Hits


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Issue Description:
Thunder Hammer hits not registering or doing damage despite visual and audio hit feedback.

Steps to Reproduce:

Actually seems to randomly happen. I just left a match today where one of the players Agroed a Demonhost and I was hitting it, but it was doing no damage to it despite a Heavy Charged Hit using Thrust Blessing.
Eventually after that little stint it did start registering hits. And I was finally able to kill the Demonhost but not before it had killed the second player. I have noticed this at various points while using Thunder Hammer, sometimes it will not register a hit on something like a Crusher or Bulwork, and then when I charge it again and heavy swing it will register 2 hits.
Its possible there are Ghost hits on other weapons as well, but the swings are so fast on those missing one isn’t noticable. But on Thunder Hammer it is glaringly obvious when it happens.

Additionally: The sound cue for the Activated hits on TH does not play for other players only for the Zealot Character computer.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Player ID:
[Steam ID: Silverquick]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Multiple times through various games.

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual 25%

Hits not being registered, is a common problem, and if you are using a gun, it’s obvious that some attacks are ineffective.
Grenadier Gauntlet is the most prominent, because of its pronounced trajectory and slower rate of fire.
Perhaps related to the quality of the network connection, or the connection mechanism.
I hope the developers will solve this problem soon, and it is not a fun experience to find out that you miss a lot of attacks in the heat of battle.

Can you recall when this started, or has it always been an issue for you?

Not specifically, but It is more frequent recently. as in 2 weeks ago or thereabouts.
I only noticed it when I started using Thunder Hammer more frequently, but even then, I do not recall it always being this bad.

It was the Charged Up attacks where it was most pronounced but that may be due to the fact its an all or nothing swing.

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