Thrown out of game after mission

Was thrown out of game after successful mission, my teammates could se me in the victory screen awarded xp and gold, but when i logged in again I was back at a lower level. Would be nice to at least get the spoils if the server is up, since games keep crashing and server go down all the time.

Same here. Unfortuantely 50% of my games are like that. I do not Drop to desktop or get a client crash but the loading screen after the game is just infinite. Got alot of XP and creds not credited after game, really a downer ;(

Only way for me is to ALT-F4 the game, even after 20min loading nothing happens.

Happened again, seems to happen a lot at the end of the fetch ammo to valkyrie mission. This time i was allowed to reconnect. 3 times today on the same mission just when the exit ship opens