Throwing a grenade triggers the cooldown for Blessed Shots and breaks stealth for Shade and Huntsman

To replicate just switch class to BH and throw a grenade. Blessed shots will go into cooldown, but since grenades can’t crit this has no effect and stops you from using blessed shots with your actual ranged weapon until it recharges.

This will also prematurely end the stealth ults for shade and huntsman. The act of throwing a grenade doesn’t break stealth but your ult will end if the grenade hits something.


Same with shade. Pretty aannoying. Throw grenade, press F while grenade still flying to the target, see your ultimate dissapears as grenade hits the target

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Huntsman too, I just tested it. I’ll edit them into the OP.

For most intents and purposes, grenades seem to be considered ranged weapons. So all (or nearly so) effects that get triggered on ranged weapon use or hit can get triggered on grenade use or hit. Of course, most of them need to actually hit to have an effect, but if you can hit a Mauler on the head with a grenade thrown by a WHC and crit, they get one-shotted by the impact.


If it’s like VT1, you are considered to have the weapon you revert too when you lob the grenade.
In VT1 you could trigger Bloodlust with a grenade.


What an image.


Witch-Hunter Captain proceeds to smash a Chaos Warrior over the head with a block of iron, instantly killing him.

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