Thoughts and observations

Objective and subjective observations in no particular order. I’ll be adding more things as I discover them, I’m not going to pretend that I’ve tried everything out already…

The subjective stuff is obviously just my own opinion, everyone is of course free to disagree, but let’s be civil about it.


  • F10 to cancel matchmaking occasionally doesn’t work now.

  • Dogs are still kind of unpredictable. Instead of skitzing out, they kind of run and sit around a lot more. Leap timing is still inconsistent. Dodging leaps is far more consistent.

  • My ranged weapon attack speed randomly changes. I’m sure this is related to some class feature, but it feels random and unpredictable and more like a bug than a feature.

  • We now load into the mourningstar after a mission much nearer to the terminal. A very welcome change.

  • Experimenting with talents is a bit of a chore due to locked nodes. Eg, if I want to switch to a different node that’s locked out, I have to deselect the entire tree below it to do so. There should be a way to switch between lockable nodes without having to do that.

  • I don’t know how you’ve managed it, but the new tree style feels more restrictive than the old one, despite offering more options. I hate having to to spend way too many points on things I don’t want and won’t use to get to the things that I do want. All classes suffer from this to various extents.

  • The tree needs to be zoomable so we can see more of it at once.

  • Class/enemy balance needs attention badly. Everyone but vet is a steamroller even at the top end.

  • Being able to shoot sooner when falling makes that action combo feel much more fluid.

  • Enemies appearing from everywhere and nowhere isn’t all that fun. Yes, more variety in their approach angles is nice, but maybe a bit less of them appearing from nowhere right next to you.

  • I am not enjoying the reduced ammo availability.


  • There needs to be a clear sign that fire from a firebomb is from a friendly instead of an enemy bomber.
  • Being locked out of doing anything while channeling chorus feels pretty mediocre.


  • Gun ogryn is just a better ranged vet. Vastly better talents and tree organisation. You’ve basically lifted my preferred vet playstyle and just given it to ogryn, only it’s got that lethargic ogryn feel about it and ogryn’s ranged options are limited. Very disappointing.

  • Frag bomb is pretty satisfying, but the sound effects are kind of weak in comparison to the size of the explosion and the damage it does.


  • Shields feel weak due to long cooldowns, short durations, and limited deployment range.

  • I don’t know why this word comes to mind, but shields feel ‘insubstantial’. More thinking required here.

  • Shields need an obvious warning sign that they’re about to expire. Edit: The smaller one does blink I’ve noticed, but the bubble just kind of disappears?

  • Shards feel really good. I like them a lot. They’re a strong alternative for psykers that want to use powers, but not staves. They’re kind of random and unreliable though…

  • Force lighting isn’t super engaging, but then the lighting staff wasn’t either.


  • Vet feels pigeonholed into being a lasgun marksman if you want to play ranged and melee if you want to play anything else. The organisation of the talent tree soft-locks hybrid playstyles and hamstrings attempts to cross paths. It’s way too restrictive in its layout. I do hope that isn’t intentional, but based on what was said in the “deep dive”, I fear that it is.

  • I’d happily give up the recoil and spread buffs on Exe Stance if it meant that Sustained Fire functionality could be returned to the class somehow. Unwavering focus, even in a nerfed form, would be more than welcome somewhere in there as well. Stacking every available reload buff does not make up for the old auto-reload.


I am a bit surprised by this complaint.
You can get 2 walls with 15s duration, or 1 dome with 20s duration (you probably meant effective duration under enemy fire).

And then you have this, if the cooldown is too long for your taste:

Tbf, i have not used the shield myself, but i had 2 matches yesterday, where a psyker was popping out domes like nobody’s business.

I would like to see this one changed though.
Would be nice if the 50% toughness dmg reduction buff applied to anyone inside the dome (while it is active) and also stayed on the player for 5 seconds after leaving the dome (or the dome dissipating).
This would make the dome more useful during the mobile portions of gameplay.

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Domes do feel more accessible, I agree. The regular type feels too small and too limited by placement restrictions for the cooldown it has.

This is such a great description of what vet is feeling right now. There are so many ‘filler nodes’ with pointless 5% suppression, 5% reload, etc that is makes it far too expensive to build for hybrid playstyles. The bottom branches of the tree are too deep, and some some talents that should be core competencies and easily accessible to all vets (like ammo capacity) need to be moved to the top of the tree so any build can utilize them without a minimum of an 18 point investment.

To me it feels like they removed the keystones, and then went “oh crap, we need to put in some filler so they can’t just cherry pick the good stuff for every build” and then they went crazy with filler. They made it way to difficult to grab the things you want.

I get a completely different feeling when building my zealot compared to veteran. The zealot trees feels so well rounded, while the vet feels like you are trying to scrape things together to fit into one build.


How is Vet not a steamroller. Enjoyed the Vet in the few games I’ve played so far. Damnation. I like to melee a lot though

Fatshark has always favored melee, so it’s not surprising; I always wanted more ranged in Vermintide 2, it became a boring melee slog, imo the best state of the game was in its original beta. So, personally, I like a mix

Right now I’m doing run and gun recon laser with melee and close damage buff, voice of command stagger and krak grenades

Krak grenades can one shot Damnation Crushers

There is also a laser spray build that purportedly melts Crushers

Here’s my first observation. Why the hell all my loadouts are deleted? I have 5 set up each, which cosmetics and weapons selected. I understand talents being gone, but f me, it’ll take me hours to rebuild everything.


yup, the shotgun build I rolled with has become completely useless without the free reload.

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Overall, I quite like the talent tree, but…

(now with colors!)

The nodes in red are annoying; taking 2 of the most uninteresting type of nodes on the tree, just to go down… with the exception of the one occurrence (AFAIK) of this on the Zealot tree (left branch, after grenades), the Vet kinda gets shafted with it.

The nodes in orange, I personally don’t mind the traversal cost but I feel like it’s a pain point for others so I marked it. Could be reduced to 2 nodes to cap the traversal cost. In saying that, I am aware that there are a number of places on the tree with the 3-across nodes, and replacing them all may have unintended consequences

However, the Veteran tree is so damn deep after this point - if you want the interesting red node at the bottom, you need to take 9 passives (not including the 3-across node) to reach it; Ogryn, for comparison, requires 5 passives (not including 3-across) to reach the keystone, then 3 to fully upgrade it

Taking the left-most aura on the Psyker tree locks you out of the rightmost combat ability. I remember some mention of more choices of that nature for Psyker, but restricting combat ability based on aura seems like a somewhat strange choice, especially when Psyker was considered the most tinker-friendly.

Similar to the above; one could argue that there’s some thematic sense to it (Bullgryns are good with melee, Gunluggers are good with guns), as such I’ve marked it orange, but still irksome that you can’t traverse fully.


Some new things to add to the list:

  • The reworked events are nice. The trainyard finale, for example, is vastly improved.
  • A horde coming out of a hole in the ground right beside you is some grade-A bs.
  • You broke mutants again. Clearly dodge them, still get grabbed.

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