This Forum-Software is top notch

The content is great as well, but I just want to say, that this is the best forum software I have ever seen. So many nice details, like the scroll bar through the answers or even the estimated reading time of a thread. I really like it.


I’m really liking this forum too, but it has issues rendering messages past a dozen or so on mobile. Chrome on Galaxy S3 Note.

I have been obviously concentrated on giving feedback and reporting bugs. But yeah, I also noticed. The discord-like emojis are also a nice addition :relaxed:

Its discourse.

its terrible. Wait until you get a thread of more than 100+ posts, then you will beg for pages.

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i love this highlight quote function!

Loving it so far… Very dynamic!

Yeah. I had a great time using this forum during the betas.

How is it terrible? Even with threads that have a lot of posts, you can just use the scroll bar to “teleport” to a spot. I’ve never liked pages in forums because it’s so tedious to go page to page looking for things. The Ctrl+F can search everything at once as well, so it’s easy to find specific things in a thread. Whereas pages you have to go page by page.



Have you tried reading a 6500+ post threadnaught? Of course, it remembers where you were last, but imagine if that is a popular thread, and you started in the first ~100 or so. You can press “end” and skip down to the end of the thread, but then you miss important information.

The posts are stored on a infinite scroll system, which has been shown to be a detriment to those on mobile devices, as the posts are only loaded when they are physically visible on the page. Sure it doesn’t sound much different to a page, but when you scroll up and down you are constantly loading the page back and forth, including posts that you have already read, unlike a page which is a “I’m loaded, here is the information. Read it as much as you like.”.

That is an illogical system for storing readable information. When was the last time you ever read a book on a scroll? Have you ever sat down and read the 12k comments on popular Facebook threads? No. Because you don’t want to sit there for hours scrolling. Pages, whilst an “old” system, allow you to read at your own pace, rather than “oh, there is more here, better keep reading”.

This system was originally designed for help and support forums for small communities or for things that can be answered quickly. That is fine. However, I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to poke this towards the gaming communities, where they can be much larger and in effect “break” the software with their size.

S3 Note? Do you have the Note 3 or S3 lol? They are not the same.

Whoops. I have a Note 3.

Maybe you’re one of the few people who actually bother to waste a chunk of their life on reading 12 thousand comments on the internet, but most people aren’t. If you’re trying to read 12k comments on mobile,then just switch to PC. You can grab the scroll bar and navigate where you please with no re-loading or any of that bollocks. I prefer this much more than a forum that displays pages like this : 1,2,3,4…196, where,if you would for any reason want to get to page 75 you’d have to tediously click page by page to get there. How is that “logical” and how does that give you easy access to “important information”?

It is terrible.

Discourse is WAY better than many of the more traditional forum options.

One important feature (for me) is that discourse supports email list mode so I can use my e-mail-client offline as much as I want where the only limits depends on how powerful my e-mail-client is… While web based forums comes and goes I still have my e-mail list archives which are well over 20 years old by now and it’s all archived using simple e-mail… Fatshark seems to have disabled/limited to 100 e-mails per day so it won’t work here but that’s not something to blame the software itself for.

You know that the URL changes for each item you have in the view right? You should be able to just make a bookmark at any point and return to continue reading whenever you want just as you would if it were a paged system.

Discourse isn’t half bad, gives me that old-school forum feel without much of the negatives. I like it.

It’s overengineered and got misfeatures like infinite scrolling.

Never had a problem with scrolling on mobile

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