Do Fatshark Even View This Forum? Just Wondered

I’ve been reading a lot of posts here today but I have yet to spot a response from anyone that has a tag stating that they are a FS employee. I just wondered if they were active here? Has anyone seen an official looking tag or a response from a community ‘manager’ or something like that?

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The moderators’ only job is to enforce censorship here and ban anyone who makes offensive (or even seemingly offensive) posts. It is their policy not to share their personal opinions and bias with the community, which leads to a facade of apathy towards our growing complaints.

This is every business model.


Yep, you can actually click on the user’s up the top. Hedge who is the community manager is the most active forum user. Ratherdone is a Dev and also in the top forum users. Julia as well.


So. in the Feedback category, we do a lot of lurking. I know Hedge reads almost every post made here, whereas I’m more Support-based with other platforms to cover so I’m not as involved. Our developers also do a lot of reading, and will occasionally chime in but for the most part we want to keep Feedback ‘raw’ and overly-involving ourselves could be seen as challenging it, which isn’t an impression we want to leave.


Well, it would be good, as if something resulted from this reading, because so far nothing is happening.


Also a point Hedge has made before: A dev response tends to hijack a thread pretty much completely, killing most of the other, more “natural” conversation (and in a couple of cases this can be seen pretty well).

I still do wish for more communication from the devs to us, both in general and regarding particular points, but I can see pretty well why they keep silent most of the time. It could be that if dev responses were a common occurrence they wouldn’t gather so much attention or tend to hijack the threads as easily, but it’d take a long while of very active commenting from them to get there. Maybe instead there could be a regular update/answer/whatever post, maybe even locked afterwards, where some of the devs could comment on things without stealing too much of the attention… I know at one point something like that was planned, but nothing came out of it yet.


I hear you, we recognise our most common complaints and are deciding how best to proceed, but this can be a lengthy process. We’re working on our next blog post which will cover some of the bases.


Let it be, as you write. I think that in the current situation specific actions will be more transparent than words. I’m waiting and I think a lot of the community is also waiting for that.


You know, this sentence alone makes me understand and appreciate developers more. It would calm everyone down if was put in announcements, but by God if the blog post doesn’t deliver you’ll just have even bigger mess on your hands.

So, I guess, good luck with your blog post.

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No, they invite they favorite streamers to a private discord and ignore everyone else.

edit: yes it’s a cheap shot. I hope it reminds them how much damage they have left to repair.


Most active

While I’m never inclined to die on the hill of semantics, I thought that’d be really neat if that was true but that’s only by the metrics of all time. Which fair enough. That’s kind of the job
Quarterly You, smoker
Monthly Drakonhammer
A week Mahkra

Fatshark’s silence in the past week is deafening.

Developers much bigger and much smaller, with either more players or far fewer players (basically any other developer) have managed to have better community relationships than FS at this point. At least they say something to give their player base some acknowledgement or aspiration. I can only hope that their silence means they are doing some serious soul-searching back in their office with respect to how they want to proceed.

But the point remains: it is immensely frustrating not hearing anything from FS regarding an acknowledgement of the community discontent. I don’t expect them to share a solution right now, or even a plan, but just a basic acknowledgement of our concerns. Then again - all of these same concerns came up during the beta and nothing changed.

Hell, at this point I’d appreciate it Fatshark even came out and said “we really believe these changes will be good in the long term - and here is how we think you might adapt your playstyle to compensate.” But I’m not even convinced Fatshark are playing their own game because if their intent was to not mess with the overall difficulty of the existing difficulty levels, they royally screwed that up.


Thanks for the replies. It now makes sense to me. Thank you for the clarification.

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Actions speak louder then words. FS actions have been a big Zero. If they want to earn trust back, they need to listen to the complaints and fix them IN THE GAME, not post platitudes.

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I think by default it sorts by most “likes” received. (And, wow, I guess maybe I’m spending more time on the forums in the past week than I should… :slight_smile: ) But if you sort by “Viewed” instead, you’ll see that Hedge and Julia are close to the top of the list most of the time.


Neato. Thanks for clearing that up


Yes, when someone@their discord passes on information for them and it warranted a peek :rofl:

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