There should be a Tank Escort mission

(To get it out of the way since some people on the subreddit misinterpreted my suggestion, no this won’t be like other escort missions seen in other games where the thing you are escorting can die or has a tendency of going too fast or too slow for players. Also I hope this is the right place to post suggestions, I’m new to this forum.)

In vt2 I’ve always wanted some kind of escort mission where the team has to escort a steam tank to some destination but that never happened. However in darktide I think such a mission would be perfect for the setting, especially since you do see tanks laying around on some missions.

So my idea of a tank escort mission would go something like this: "Command has lost contact with a group of Leman Russ Demolisher tanks and their escorts who were sent to destroy a fortified heretic position. You and the rest of the team get sent out to find the lost tanks, after fighting your way through the streets of the hive you come across a sole surviving demolisher tank that has been immobilized and surrounded. After clearing out the enemies the tank commander asks you to find supplies to repair the tank to get it moving again.

Once it’s fixed, you’ll follow the tank to the heretic position fighting hordes along the way. The tank will not have a health bar, the mission only fails if everyone goes down, just like any other mission. The tank will only move as long as there is one player close by just encase the other members get pulled away or die. For a change of pace there can be roadblocks (closed gates, landmines, etc) along the way the players must clear in order to proceed. Once the tank reaches the end it will fire at the fortified heretic position, demolishing it, successfully ending the mission!"

Now for balancing, I’m not sure if the sponson guns should shoot or not. If they could I’d say they should start off with no ammo but the players can find ammo crates they can hand to the tank to resupply it. I hope something like this wouldn’t be too hard/wild to implement, I just really want to see a mission involving a tank and I’ll be a very sad guardsman if it never happens. ;-;


Imagine all the possible enraging encounters due to the Line-of-sight blockage a big tank would be when something like a hound enters the gaming field.
And to escort a tank it will need big open areas to traverse.
It would be a heretic gunner/sniper paradise.

Nontheless, an escort mission would be a neat addition to the rotation of avaible missions.

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I think it would probably be a bit more annoying that it would be fun. The old ram escort in V2 was super weird because it had a force field to keep you from getting too close. In DRG, the drilldozer escort has some issues with enemies clipping into the escort objective.

It could be fun, but I worry it would be a bit too technically challenging for Fatshark to do well. Still, I’ll welcome anything at this point

Trails of treachery you “Escort” your sledge or whtever it was called in V2.

What would be really cool is to have a Huge Battle wehre you see Inquisitorial Regiments figting next to you as Background or whatever. Or you have to hold a Zone the Boys get flown in adn are i the Bakground shooting over you while you are in a Ditch holding POsition and Fighting. Something like that