The weekly mutator desperately needs private mode

This game simply will not match me in games where my MS is at a playable level, even though my internet is great it just seems to only ever put me in matches with people who I can only assume are on the other side of the world.
I HAVE to use the self-host mod in order to to function in this game.

If I join a game and see my ms is 350 just out of respect for the other players I’m not going to continue and ruin their match by dying.
But because of how this game works if I leave and try to join a new game it just keeps putting me in the same match again and again and again.

So this leaves me with 3 options -
1: Try to find local people to play with so the ms is better. But I don’t want to play matchmaker I just want to come home from work, fire up the game and bury my axe into some stuff.
2: Just play with horrible ms. Probably wipe the team and ruin everyones mood.
3: Ignore all the new content… well that sucks.

Hopefully people can see why this is a frustrating position to be in.

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Have you tried setting your download region in steam settings to something closer? Also, the new ping measurement is a bit weird. If the host drops down to 30FPS, that can add an extra 60ms ping right there. Most games around ~100 or so are fine. But yea, 300+ is pretty damn high, that’s what I get with Aussies from here in Sweden. Are you sure your internet is up to par as well?

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Actually… that’s even higher than what I get connecting to Australian servers from here in Northern Sweden.


That’s Perth, Australia. If you’re getting 300+, something is really wrong.

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Yep I’ve tried all those settings, my internet is really good in terms stability - I both play and stream a bunch of other online multiplayer games no problem.
It’s down to being matched with people who are too far away from me (I live in asia). For example my ms to Taipei is 15ms, to the UK+Australia about 250, America around 200.
Obviously the host also plays a factor which easily pushes a 250 up to 300-350.

Maybe I can tolerate that on recruit and veteran, but I’m 350 hours into the game at this point, only champion and legendary are cutting it. But a few rogue hits on legendary and you’re dead so it just doesn’t work.

Now the funny thing is when I do get matched with someone from my region the ms is between 15-40. But I guess the ‘pool’ of players is too low so 95% of the time I’m put with people from far away.

And with there being no systems in place to game hop a little until you find one with good MS - also no rules in place like ‘if no games game are available below 100ms (or even 150 would be … serviceable…ish) then let that person host’

Which leaves me in the sucky position where I either host, suffer awful ms or simply don’t play.

I think you might be on to something. I was only able to do one game today after the patch and had a 200 ping to someone in Germany. The highest I’ve ever seen for a connection to Germany in this game is around 90ms. I’ll have to try some more games tonight and see if it’s happening all the time or if that guys Internet was just bad.

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