THE TRAITOR CURSE PART 2 - Coming December 2023!

Well, in terms of tomorrow we’re already (allegedly) getting a GTA 6 Trailer from Rockstar, so we’ll have to see. It’ll be a big day if Traitor Curse Part 2 drops as well.

The 7th’s my guessing date so far, although the update could even release tomorrow - if Fatshark decides that’s what they want to do.

They pushed a non-public release build on Friday, which followed the trailer/build pattern from Part 1.

Could mean nothing or could mean they’re just waiting for M$ cert.

I would be surprised if it released any later than 7-8th. They probably still want to reserve 1 week for any emergency fixes that might pop up when the patch goes live, and week 51 is basically when many of the Christmas holidays start, so I don’t see them doing much after that point until mid January.

Didn’t they release Patch note the day before the patch for part 1 ?

Could see them do something of the sort here too

Looks like they did it day-of: The Traitor Curse Part 1 Anniversary Update

But I don’t remember for sure!

Yeah they posted them right as they released it

A few times they’ve released patch notes ahead of the patch but then adapted the same thread posting to be the actual patch notes when the patch goes live. So gotta check the time stamps of everything when you’re on the forums here.

For reference: Part I was announced Nov 10th (Friday) and came out November 14th (Tuesday).

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My space doubloons are on tomorrow. I am already going to miss the armory exchange public service our most dedicated of rejects created. Tools of War knocked it out for like a week.


So I’ve finally, after the release of the Veteran rework, managed to make a somewhat reasonable las-man build.

Exhilarating Takedown, Scavenger, Voice of Command with extra toughness, then straight down the Marksmans Focus tree. Just enough left over to get Iron Will.

Idea was to create an experience where standing your ground to get Marksman stacks wasn’t too painful. Staying with the group, supporting and buying room with VoC feels kinda fun, and often I can just spray my MG1a from the hip into hordes thanks to Scavenger, Shock Trooper and Fully Loaded.

Is it as good as the old vet? No. But I can at least pretend to be a guardsman, sorta.

Now the real question… will the Vet adjustments make it impossible to replicate my new build, just as has happened twice before?


Tune in sometime between tomorrow and next tuesday to find out more! There’ll be plenty of shovels to dig graves for your builds soon enough!



Shovels aside, I’m looking forward to the update. Ideally I’ll be able to make the same build but better! We shall see!


i just want more,
a good start that i dont think would be too much trouble is QOL fixes.

in my topic
What Mods that should be Incorporated into Base Darktide?

many of these mods add QOL improvemenst and many would love the these mods added.
(also if you havent checked out the topic please do, and VOTE! :slight_smile: )


Honestly? I cant no longer play without some of the QOL mods. The game feels cluncky and hides informations from me that should be on screen.


Yeah literally every update I instantly re-enable mods before launching and hope. If something good is MIA I might also be.

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@FatsharkQuickpaw @FatsharkCatfish

Can you please provide some additional details or hints of what this might entail? I hope to god that the repairs to the veteran tree in this upcoming patch include more than just “making the keystones easier to reach”, because sorry, that isn’t nearly sufficient. At all. Because the keystones themselves are exceedingly underwhelming, unhelpful, and frankly not worth the point cost.

A big problem with the current tree is the unreasonably suboptimal node arrangement and the batch of nerfs introduced in the last patch. Since I somehow doubt that the actual keystones will be receiving any improvements in the upcoming patch, or that any of the redundant nodes will be consolidated, can you tell us if anything else will be implemented?

And fix ogryn pmaul basha! It stinks right now! I’m literally better off taking ANY other weapon. The boom gauntlet is a better melee weapon than the pmaul right now!


I’ll be curious to hear what you make of todays vet tweaks.


It’s an improvement.

That’s the nicest way I can put it.



I declare myself satisfied!

I am likewise curious what both you and @BFCInsomnia think.