The real reason nerfs like powersword, and flamer hurt: Crafting RNG

Totally understand the approach in toning down certain weapons. Fair enough.

What makes these changes so painful is the difficulty/time/luck/effort required to find, and craft meaningful replacements. Alot of people threw alot of resources at these weapons only to have dozens of attempts brick. I think this is the real root of frustration.

Mocking other players for their reactions to the change doesnt help anyone. Nor does endlessly whining about the changes help. Creative solutions are needed.

The RNG/lock system needs to go.


There you go.
One attempt at fixing the problems.


We said with balance changes the locks would pose massive problems. They need to have some way to remove them.

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The best way to remove the locks would be to remove the locks.


I think what Brosgw means specifically that even adding a system where you spend mats to break locks (Diamantine please) would be better.