The Progression (level, getting weapons, weeklies) is way too grindy and needs a change

Weeklies should mostly just be freebies given to you on a weekly basis. Making it a 8 hour grind is excessive, let alone its per character

Alright so I have five hours clocked in so far and I’m still stuck with the stupid axe that Zealot starts with; only this time the one I have is a green variant, woo. I’m super upset because I can’t switch the weapon out for something that I’d want to actually use. If I’m going to spend hours upon hours being engaged with the game’s combat systems. I’d want to to do so with a weapon that’s going to be enjoyable for me to use - it’s not rocket science. I wanted to try Thunder Warhammer or the giant Chainsaw Greatsword; but none of those cool options are showing up in an armory I unlocked. I only get the same list of items that I’m simply not interested in.

Please, please, tell me that the developers don’t seriously expect me to dump tens of hours just to use a weapon that I want.

They could have smoothed levelling a bit more psychologically by dangling a proper carrot in front by telling you when you are going to unlock something, and giving you a grey or green version of the thing you unlock when you hit the level that unlocks it. But instead it get this opaque levelling system and layers of RNG just to get a weapon you want. Hopefully crafting will help in alleviating getting the type of weapon you want, but I feel like it’ll either be unable to craft items, so you’re still at the mercy of the store, or you can only craft items after buying them once from the store.

I don’t agree, I think the game offers an appropriate amount of grind to reach the “end game”.

Evicerator starts appearing after level 14 and it’s level 25 for thunder hammer lol, so good luck.

Honestly I’d be more upset here but I’ve genuinely been enjoying almost every weapon I’ve tried now. I really like at least 2-3 out of the 4 different variants of axe I’ve found, I like most of the swords I’ve tried, just got my first chainsword and it’s pretty nice, used the dagger heavily, though I will say combat Shotgun is my one true love and I’ve barely changed range weapon since getting it.

I do strongly agree progression is pointlessly drawn out, but I do think some of the people here could do to lay back and enjoy the journey a little more.

Wish I could share the curios between my operatives, would make me more excited to grind other classes.

As for the OP, during leveling the shop system seems…okayish not that it couldn’t be improved? But for rank 30 the grind for weapons and gear in general is atrocious, either you rely to have a emperor gift that we have no criteria on how the hell it decides it will reward loot or not. Or grind the weekly contracts and wait the weekly shop on a 24 hour rotation to maybe have the weapon you want or not.

Dunno if the lvl 30 grind is atrocious on purpose to not have people on Beta to have fully grinded the gear before release? But if its released in this way its gonna cause more harm than good to the game.

Well the drag is more noticeable when you que up for the same mission 4 times in a row with the same loadout. Hopefully there’s more variety with the rest of the scenarios but it still sounds like a small map total.

The player base is gonna suffer quickly if they dont change the progression system to be faster, just exactly what happened with vermintide 2.

This post has really good suggestions fatshark

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taking into consideration there will be the crafting area where you can increase a weapons rating, boost stats, enhance perks and re-roll them for me the only thing I hate is the tiny amount of options in the shop.

No matter how robust the crafting is, you can’t build a weapon from scratch so you first need a weapon to craft on. I went 20+ resets of the shop without getting a single Eviscerator show up so no matter how cool the crafting is I wouldn’t have been able to make an Eviscerator Im happy with during that 20 hours of play

In my opinion all they need to do is modify the shop so that every reset there is at least 1 weapon of each type currently available to you in the shop. That way rather than having to wait for RNG to both show you a weapon and roll good stats you just have to wait for the good roll. Then when we have access to the crafting if you decide for the first time you want to try the eviscerator you can go to the shop, buy one without waiting, go to the crafting area and upgrade it to your liking.

Well I ended up refunding the game. This sucks so much for me. That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back: when I realized I’ve been using the same axe as a Zealot that I started with. Except now it’s green; and I wasn’t able to play with any of the super cool weapons I wanted (Thunder Warhammer, Eviscerator) except for the same list of axes/guns that I had no interest in using. That was 6 hours of playtime by the way. I was willing to suffer through the terrible performance if I could at least use the staple Eviscerator of 40k. Y’know, the f*cking iconic weapon of the setting. It’s ridiculous that you’re expected to suffer through hours and hours of tedium until you can finally get the weapon you want to use. I find this ludicrous. Give me something, anything, that will let me have fun, at the minimum.

Vermintide 2, at the very least, let you use any weapon you want from the start without any strings attached - granted those will be basic tiers but still, crafting allowed you to gradually upgrade weapons too, so progression didn’t feel bad. Why we regressed. I have no idea, but I sure as heck am not going to continue playing a game that doesn’t respect my time. It’s a complete flippant disregard towards me. I’m sure crafting or whatever is going to show up later, but no thanks, I’m not willing to wait for it. I’d rather get my money back now while I still can.

An unrelated thing too is how I couldn’t enjoy the melee systems that I’ve come to love in Vermintide. My Zealot gameplay in 3 bar difficulties consisted of me standing behind cover watching allies do shooty shoot while I too did boring shooty shoot. If I tried to play Zealot like you would in Vermintide 2, where you charge against a group, then unleash mayhem upon them. The freaking ranged enemies would shred you down. So unsatisfying. I couldn’t have fun. I couldn’t use the weapon I wanted.

Maybe there will be substantial changes 6 months down the line; but I’m not willing to wait that long when Vermintide 2 is awesome to play now and features the best game mode Fatshark has ever made (in my opinion): Chaos Wastes. Which is super fun to play on Cata with random people. Vermintide 2 also respects my time by allowing me to play with any weapon I want without any silly strings attached.

I’m just so exasperated at how bare-bones Darktide is to Vermintide. It sucks. I really, really, wanted to love Darktide, but I just can’t.

Yeah, the shop at least should be reworked a bit. Leaving it to purely RNG on weapon access is really anti fun. V2 had you unlock the blueprints by levelling, but at least there isn’t that additional layer of RNG if you wanted to use it when you can access it.

Possible changes:

  • Weight the weapon spawns towards newly unlocked weapon for the first few shop refreshes after unlock. (unlikely, nothing RNG in any Fatshark game has ever been weighted outside of rarity levels)
  • Guaranteed green or grey item as Emperor’s gift upon unlocking item. (at least you can try them out)
  • The ability to buy or earn shop refreshes. Maybe a coupon or something for completing secondary objectives.
  • A request slot, but it jacks up price of the item in the slot by a %. Ability to buy or earn more slots.

All uses of the word ‘buy’ above refer to spending dockets.

Some of the above can apply to Sire Melk’s Requisitorium, but the timegated currency makes it much rougher.


So, apparently you didnt have a problem with leveling up your characters in Vermintide 2, since you didnt stop playing because of the grind. Now what exactly is the difference here between you and the guys you tried to play with who stopped playing?

  1. Those are merely assumptions. I could also assume that you will be able to switch with your character through the subclasses, so you only have to level up one archetype character.

  2. Yep, ask yourself if the leveling grind was really the only reason why these guys stopped playing the game so early.

  3. I mentioned what the cheese is, so making assumptions again is even worse. Read properly next time.

Vermintides grind is not even close to being bad. Considering what leveling to 99 in Diablo 2 looked and looks like for casuals, its even rather mild. That wasnt the reason why people quit early, the actual reason is the extreme amount of repetition featured with the grind. Playing the same maps over and over again just for some rewards is not something many people want to play, especially when it only features pure PvE. L4D is also still played only because of PvP and extreme modding.

Even if Fatshark would ditch the leveling grind completely, have characters already be at maximum power and offer all kinds of weapons immediately, it wouldnt change a thing in regard to the playerbase. Vermintide 1 prove that. Because for what reason would people repeat the same maps for no gain unless they truly like the base gameplay?

your also sorta forgetting that they have to see those interesting weapons in the store I’m nearly 65 hours in and I’ve yet to see a purgator staff show up in the store and it took idk 2 days for a friend to even see an upgrade for his chainsword he was 23 when he got his first and 30 before he found an upgrade

Funny. I don’t remember in Vermintide having to unlock individual boxes or crafting materials as each different character or having to do dailies/weeklies individually as each of the 5 characters in vermintide.

That is something else, isnt it? I am talking about the leveling experience alone.

I am not fine with resources being character only either. They should be account wide, all of them. I am also not a friend of the weeklies, but again, i need to look at the finished product first. Right now i assume contract resources will be the best source for red items, but i dont even know if red items are in the game and crafting lets us increase rarity to at least orange right now. So if the contract shop only offers up to orange rarity, then the resource and the shop dont really matter. If it offers red items though, then there is certainly a reason to complain, because one is somewhat forced to finish weeklies with all their characters and that is never a good idea. One should be playing the character they want right now and still have the possibility to get proper rewards, like in V2.

Really good post and i can agree at almost all points of you post.
I was about to open almost the same here before i used the search function.

I have some additional thoughs for the weapon and weekly vendors and mission table:

I feel bad about to say this but … if someone would say i need to make an aggresive marketing about to sell cosmetics, i would almost do it the same way if not even worse.

Feels like this every hour change system with random and limited items is meant to gather a lot of people at every hour at a certain point so you can see all the skins the have in the shop (of course in long terms if the shop is here).
The same for weekly, you check how far you are and see there is someone with nice clothes you might like to buy also. Mission table almost the same effect.

From a marketing point of view this is almost a perfect strategie, would fit more in the mobile world but it already feels like mobile and pc market merge more and more togehter in a lot of games.

Dont get me wrong i love to play the game and really have a blast playing it. But there are some serious bad thing´s i see coming in the future.

I really hope i am wrong and this was not the purpose to do this whole hub thing.
Well i guess the hope is what dies at last …

As an Ogryn main I reserve my right to not read!

But I hope @Fatshark_Hedge does. This Post is incredibly comprehensive and touches all the gripes everyone has.

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We do hear this feedback and whilst launch won’t immediately change things, we are taking on board all the feedback being shared pretty much everywhere and will work to alleviate the chores being talked about.


yo Hedge go read all the posts of me complaining about melee changes and then tell me that everything is going to be okay and hold me tight

We made some changes, but that’s for another thread eh! Keep an eye out for the notes!

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