The problems of trolling players

So me and my friends played on ‘Empire In Flames’ We had 1 bot and he was dead thrugh a Stormfiend.
Than a person joined the game. Nothing unusual so far , But then he started being really really toxic and told us all the time what we have to do. We thought we ignore him dont revive him because we thought we had a better chance in a group of 3 than with him. We did a full run on champion as awlays.

So next day we played again and a random guy with different name joined the game and again he was such a bad person, i checked his profile and wonder it was the exact same guy as he was in Empire in Flames.

To the date of now we played like 14 times or so with this guy and he always ruined our runs. He killed us or destroyed the grims, toxic , backseat gaming …

So now i wonder if you can implement a bad sports lobby (like the one in GTAV, idk how hard it is) or a option to block somone from your games. But only a lit with 10 spots, because people would abuse it i guess.

Jesus Christ in a handbasket, I really don’t think you can blame that on the game. Sounds like this guy has some insane grudge against you or something. 14 times, sheesh.

edit: And I’m not sure if it will help, but you may want to get the ear of someone from Fatshark and PM them about that guy or something. Because again, what in the hell.

well i guess its not only us he is generally a troll

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