The Pit - Map Skip

Not exactly sure if this belongs to bugs or feedback. Anyway:

Map: The Pit
Issue: Potential Map Skip
Steps to reproduced: Sadly, I don’t know.

I joined a game on Cataclysm today where the bots where fighting in the beginning of the map. After I died I could see a Lvl 21 Ironbreaker running around in out-of-bounds territory. So I don’t know how he did it, but he seemed to be familiar with it. As it was Ironbreaker it doesn’t seem to need some special techniques.


I know one way to skip the map, although I’m not sure is this the same skip.


The skip starts from the piers at the start of the map, right before dropping down to the beach. If aimed right, you can jump/fall to the shoreline and fall below the ground and continue to the end of the map under the ground.

I don’t know myself how to aim the dropdown, but I’ve seen it once. Luckily, it was only a demonstration for academic purposes and didn’t ruin our game.

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