The order of the classes in operator selection screen

This is only a small thing, but i created and leveled the 4 classes in this order
Zealot → Psyker → Ogryn → Veteran
I dont know why but Psyker and Ogryn have swapped their places and it’s not about an alphabetical order of their names or something.
If it would be about playtime it would also be Zealot 1st and Psyker 2nd and maybe Psyker going to be no#1 soon.
It’s really a minor thing, but i would like it if the order reflects my playtime with the classes.
Actually my favorite class and character is on place 3 and not 2 or even 1 like i want him to be.


Yeah you should definitely be able to just drag to reorder the characters. (With small text at the bottom explaining that’s something you can do.)

I have five 30s and they’re Zeal, Psyk (second; final character created), Ogryn, Sharpshooter, Psyk (first), so I have no clue how they’re ordered at all. (Definitely not alphabetical: Seraph, Axehilt, Dren, Siobhan, Anansi.)

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