The new ranged meta - a prediction

My guess would be “This is too hard” but maybe they will just go more for tanks/cc and solve the issue that way.

Wait here were cleave nerfs??

:rofl: FS could replace them with cruise missiles next April 1st.

Aye, VT2 Steam reviews are doing badly overall atm and that’s a lot veterans, I imagine newer players’ll drop it and that’s that if they encounter too many bugs. Launch had a lot of bugs too but people liked launch combat and stayed around, a lot of people don’t like current combat (based on various reasons: bugs, nerfs, design etc.).

Yeah, in the patch 2.0 notes. Lemme find them:

Smiter is an attack profile here (not the talent) which has always been in game and applies to certain weapon attacks. I think it’s mainly certain heavies (exec, glaive) though, but idk all of what counts.

So it looks like I’m mistaken, axes got reduced cleave (from 2 to 1 target) while D&D and S&D got a cleave buff on lights. (Grudgeraker/Blunderbuss also got a cleave reduction. Apparently 1h maces also got cleave buffs).

:open_mouth: Found the Glaive one while I was at it:

Now we know why it feels terribad/keeps stopping short in hordes post-WoM @SmokerT69 and @Bankrotas.

That’d explain why it’s feeling worse to me as lately I’ve been testing out exactly those weapons and you can feel the cleave nerfs they got (1h axe is still good though at its role, however on glaive the light attack nerf makes it feel like rubbish).

Edit: @WhereIsBaoDur, as @Bankrotas reminded me, I forgot: some enemies got a mass increase, which reduces your ability to cleave them. Marauders for example went from 6 to 7.5 mass.

For reference glaive has a cleave (damaging) value of 7.78/cleave (stagger) of 7.07 (I believe exec has similar values unless they’ve been tweaked too). Taking into account linesman, this means even on linesman attacks (cleave modifier, reduces mass by 40% in the case of marauders) you can cleave only two marauders (7x0.6 = 4.2) per swing instead of three (6x0.6 = 3.6) per swing. It also makes you weaker vs mixed packs of marauders/fanatics or fanatics alone.

So I’m at least not imagining cleave being worse, it effectively is.


It’s not only that cleave nerfed, the damn animation literally stuttering at 3rd enemy drains me.

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Well, sh*t.

(thank you very much ofc)

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Glaive lost linesman on first 2 light attacks. So at best it can stagger 1 marauder.

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I think as long as you don’t exceed the maximum (like with 7.50/7.78) it should still just barely hit 2. Only 1 will get CCed though (7.50/7.07).

And yeah I saw. imo glaive should really get linesman back on its first two lights, it feels plain inconsistent in its combat style otherwise.

At first thought it’d be a meta weapon come WoM, but it seems FS have anyway been balancing the rest (1h axe was bad in earlier betas but good now), and as glaive is now it’s just ass.

I haven’t tried the 1h axe in a while, isn’t it still a single target weapon?

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Yeah but in the previous betas it had problems due to lacking stagger and many enemies being even more resistant to stagger than they are now, FS since buffed 1h axes specifically so that they’re still good at single target damage now.

Glaive meanwhile has been prison shanked. You might as well take a 1h axe if you want low cleave high AP dps. It needs linesman back on all attack.

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Just bring THP back to what it was.


Aye, the glaive is a a waste of time now. I was wondering why it felt so bad, didn’t take the time to look into it. I actually stopped using it altogether by day 4. The dual daggers just felt so much better, even for horde clear… not to mention, the daggers out damage the glaive as well.

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I just hope they won’t think to “fix” this by nerfing DD again


Please stop comparing glaive to DD and saying how underpowered glaive is because it will only result in DD nerfed to oblivion. That has always been the way how FS balance this game and you people should know this by now.


At this point they should nerf everything and bring back June beta 1 values into game to alienate more people.

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