The new Briar Javelin is a great Shade weapon

  • It’s melee attacks have good single target damage, with armor piercing, allowing you to focus on more cleavy melee weapons/weapons with little armor piercing
  • It’s virtual infinite ammo, so you don’t have to be troubled with your ammo economy
  • The light attack chain proc bleed damage, if you want to take advantage to the level 10 talent
  • The charged melee attack with Infiltrate deals monster damage on par with Sword, Axe, Dual Swords, Greatsword or Glaive, only beaten by Dual Daggers and the second Sword and Dagger heavy.
  • You can also reliably proc Barrage against monsters, at the very least x2, but you can go to 5 easily with a single reload (reloading all 3 javelin after throwing the last still give you enough time to throw the next one on the Barrage time frame)

There are still other good and probably better loadout option for Shade, but the Javelin is definitively in competitive territory imo

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I love the javelin. It’s insanely fun and I see great use cases for literally all her careers. One of my lingering questions is if its melee attacks proc blood shot on WS. I presume so since they seem to work with temp health talents.

Didn’t tested it but Reddit told it procced Blood shot.
I did test Ricochet tho, and it does proc Ricochet. Soo lot’s of fun with that I guess x)
EDIT : I just noticed you mentioned the actual Javelin melee proccing Blood shot, and I have no clue about this one, but I’m surely gonna test it later

Yeah the javelin in a cool weapon all around. If it didn’t have infinite ammo it could almost justify taking bloodfletcher due to the high impact 1 ammo can have, but alas, not meant to be.

You could use bloodfletcher to avoid reloads altogether though, I suppose. Not super competitive.

But the travel time, drop, and lack of sustained or quick fire make it a bit better balanced against the longbow unlike the moonfire. Ammo sustain should have tradeoffs - and I don’t think javelin does it perfectly but I think it does it a little better than moonfire.

It’s just a cool weapon with interesting potential. I do wonder if it would be more balanced with 2 ammo instead of 3, but I don’t mind it in the current state.