The medicae servitor

I’ve been into 40k for a long time but ive never felt bad for the servitors until now.

When it started talking about how lonely it is and how its mind is drifting away, then begging to come with me erm :sob:

Maybe I could remove his skull and make him into a servo skull at least he could fly about.

Maybe ive been playing too much lol


I genuinely could do without the servitor making me feel bad every time someone uses it.


Are you referring to the Medicae stations? Dw they have the emperor on their side.
Funny thing too. I believe Medicae Station is the same voice actor as Loener in Talon’s Keep in v2.

“May I heal your ravaged body?”

I lol’d at that.


If you have been in to 40k for a while without feeling sorry for servitors then I’m not sure you realise how horrific the concept is.


I console myself with the possibility that mindwiping actually works. The medicae servitor appears to be proof that it doesn’t.

Everything about 40k is horrific. There is nothing good about the setting at all. :sweat_smile:

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Grim dark

At least with being made into servo skulls, 90% of the time you’re dead already and it’s a position of honour rather than eternal penance.

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“At least you’re already dead” is 100% the best case scenario in the 41st millennium. Haha!


There’s a lot of bad stuff that can happen after death in 40k too, but usually to psykers, witches, sorcerors, cultists, eldar and dark eldar.

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I actually bypass the Medicae station unless my corruption is out of control so I won’t have to listen to the Servitor ask me to take him along. Being stuck in your own head as a Medicae station in a Nurgle corrupted s***hole of a hab unit is definitely nightmare fuel. lol


I thought they where lobotomised.

I mean there was a short story a while ago about some kids servitor having the supposedly lobotomised brain of a serial killer inside it lol cant remember the story now but its a small robot clown and the brain still remembers part of who he was I think.


“The Bookkeeper’s Skull” shows that even children’s toys are freaking horrifying in the Imperium : 40kLore (

He flinched at my tone and opened his mouth in an exaggerated wail, his blue-diamond eyes squeezing another torrent of tears down his face. I should have shot him there and then to put him out of his fake misery. But I was in a hurry…I had been summoned.


Maybe he was a Heretic?!
Killed Innocent People, etcetc

but i know what you mean, i felt the same
Since in Lore some Servitor still didnt loose all of Humanity due to lobotomy(if thats the correct word) and can still understand all, if not express its crazy thinking

“Please, take me with you, im so lonely…”

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The voice actor did a great job lol I actually stopped and went back in the middle of a fire fight to check he was alright.


hahha right

yeah the Voice actor DID a great Job totally agree. It makes you feel a bit sad. But hes only alive with batterys that gives hope ^^

Yeah, whoever did the mind scrub didn’t do a thorough enough job.

If a Medicae Servitor like our one in-game, with its voicelines about being lonely, were in a 40k pen & paper RP campaign I can guarantee, 110%, the party of players would find a way to take them along with them and protect it at all costs.

Personally, I’d like to see a backpack for the Ogryn with the Medicae Servitor strapped to it with some voicelines of its own, so I can give the last part of the servitor’s personality some company and freedom from its lonely existance.

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There’s a short 40k story about some noble heir touring the Servitor factory their family makes their money from. The supervisor is proud to show off how efficient their operation is, and is adlibbing along those lines. Meanwhile the spireborn / noble heir is internally loosing their s*** at how horrifying the whole thing is. It’s a clever bit of narrative, as it challenges the intentional misconception that servitors are just to be accepted in 40k.

There are also numerous Black Library stories with points of view of servitors in them. Some the mindwiping works, others it… doesn’t.


Ok that made me chuckle. XD

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