The issue with horde clear


I recently started re-leveling a psyker because I hate the name I chose for my original one, and as you all know, for some reason we can’t change character names…

Anyway, time for rant!

Since I’ve played so many hours of Darktide, certain loadouts are a bit boring so I like to experiment with new things and currently my Psyker is level 29 (leveling alts is terrible btw) and equipped with a Lasgun (Infernus and Res. Accurate) and a Combat Blade (Mercy Killer and Lacerate).

In normal Damnation games (I’ve won the majority so far), it always seems to be the same thing that ends a run; and that’s me, the Psyker, who doesn’t have a horde-clearing weapon like the Purgatus or Trauma because for some reason no other team member, be it a Power Sword Veteran or a Zealot, can handle large hordes.

I’ve been playing Ogryn for the last 50 or so hours and with the Bull Butcher, Ripper/Rumbler and the Ultimate, hordes (especially mixed ones) are pretty easy to deal with, but when leveling the Psyker, no one else wants to bring something to kill hordes for some reason.

To me, it’s a game design flaw when certain classes like the psyker are forced to clear hordes instead of playing what they like.
I can certainly make the argument that I’m not super effective with my loadout (I only have the scoreboard mod to measure performance, and it’s not really good), but I kill specials, I ress, I use the things, I bleed and kill hordes, I survive solo, and I stick to coherence with at least 85%.

I’m so goddam tired of playing staffs man, but it feels like I have to at this rate.

Use an illisi. I’m not sure the knife is a good horde clearing tool.


Every class has horde clear options. If your teammates with power swords and junk can’t do it, that’s a skill issue on their part.


Uh yeah a total junk loadout like knife and gun psyker would struggle to do anything. I’m not sure what the point of the thread is. Either play to win, or play to meme. If you meme you kinda have to deal with atrocious shortcomings in your loadout, especially one as bad as gun psyker with catachan knife.


While only one of the Psyker’s specific weapon is good for Horde Clear (Illis) the Psyker isn’t bad at horde clear. And will even be better with the new ability and blitz coming.

Recon Lasgun
Voidstrike (Heavy)
Trauma (Heavy)
Purgatus (Light&Heavy)

Axes (With BM)
Duel Sword

Duel Swords are great at Horde management cause you can delete mobs with the easy headshot pattern and you have great dodge regeneration and speed

My heart sank when I realised you were talking about dueling swords there.

All classes have good horde clear options. If you choose not to use them, that is on you.

Nobody is forced to do horde clear, but when you play with randoms, you kinda have to expect that you will have to do everything yourself.

It does not matter what class you play. You should always expect your teammates to be terrible players who are worse than bots, because they often are.

You do not have to play with weapons that you do not like, but if you know that you perform on a low level, you should simply play on a difficulty that is low enough for your performance to be acceptable.

If you are unwilling to do 1/4 of the work, in a team of 4 people, you should not be playing in a team.

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I am playing to win, I have no issue, the issue is my teammates getting themselves killed and I can’t clutch against mixed hordes, when everyone but me is downed.

You made me worry that I had written Dual Sword here.

But I think those would happen faster than we think, though Catachan Twin Swords or Catachan Sword and Dagger would be the likely candidates

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I perform fine on Auric Maelstrom, not with this loadout of course, but skill level wise.

The problem is more that before you get to Auric Damnation levels, and I know this is very rude for me to say, but the playerbase beneath Auric Damnation (not maelstrom) are… not very good generally…

But I am not going to bring this loadout into Auric Damnation.

It’s just very realist, like everybody know that Diff. 4 is a cesspit

To be fair, in relation to difficulty, they are not much better at higher diff either.

That sounds reasonable.

I would suggest that you try to find a buddy to play with.
Then you can both use goofy “fun“ loadouts, but still be useful, as long as you make sure that you two together are covering everything that is needed.

The point of the thread is that I am ranting about that it still feels like the same horde clear weapons that were used a year ago is absolutely needed to carry teammates, namely; either the Purgatus/Trauma Staff if you are playing Psyker or Flamethrower if you are playing Zealot.

For some reason, Vets can’t cleave through hordes which I find veyr strange since my Veteran (Quorin) is probably the character I have the easiest time obliterating hordes with beside my Ogryn through; dodge back, activate power sword, swing swing swing, dodge back, activate power sword, swing swing swing, ad naseum.

Doing that dance, and congrats, you obliterated the horde in 5 seconds.

I just wanted to rant ok?

Yeah but playing to win and using loadouts that put you at a huge disadvantage necessarily involve you having to overcome those with sheer player skill alone. Like a really, really bad loadout like gun psyker with a catachan dagger. It underperforms everywhere, so any amount of enemies is going to be a problem, and a last alive scenario very easy to game over. Its just how it is.

There is also the ability/Blitz, with the new announced change we should be seeing much more flexibility on that point (Like for Horde/Crowd Control I’ll pick Psychic Shard and the current ability)

I mostly look forward to the shield/dome thingy.

DT community skill is abysmally low compare to V2 for example.

I honestly do not think that there is a big difference (although most darktide players seem to be unaware of the existence of their blitz ability).

Ranged enemies are one of the main issues for many players in darktide.
V2 does not really have ranged enemies.
I find that V2 with bots is much easier than with players (at least a majority of the players). Even on cataclysm difficulty.

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Nah, they’re different games. V2 doesn’t have much ranged threat to worry about and melee is way easier there thanks to better reactivity and flexibility.

And it’s doesn’t matter, if players can’t adapt, they are low skilled it is the only mesure. I don’t see players are dying just from regular shooters is the main problem, what i see even on auric is players are ignoring basic things - ogryns are not reviving/hacking/caring cells or using charge to controll elite blobs (especially gorgonum ogryns, probably worst players), 5 wounds veterans going down in the first specials/horde encounter, zealots who don’t like to use their nades, psykers who are not helping to elemeante specials/elites/bosses with BB in situations when BB is more profitable then using stuff. For non-class specific things - often people are dying without using med crate causing wipe, cause rest of the team can’t reach it to deploy.

While in V2 players know their role and use potions and nades, you just can’t find Handmaiden who doesn’t do revives, BW who isn’t trying to push a boss from some cliff or not firewalking patrols, Ranger who don’t spam free nades, and more and more and more.

Probably in DT there is a lot of 40k andies and casual players due to fps is more mainstream genre. Unlocking auric just for having 30 lvl is a mistake, should be beat 10 stg missons first or something.

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