The Issue of No Choice In Map Selection

There is an extremely big problem when it comes to the map selection in this game. THERE IS NO CHOICE. I personally do not like the darkness special condition and I refuse to play it because it isn’t fun for me. When the no light special condition is active all heresy maps can be plagued by this condition. What this then means is that you have 3 options. Play a damnation map that doesn’t have this condition. Play a malice condition that doesn’t have this condition… OR take a 6hr break. This is a completely insane way to design a game. Why not let the player pick what they want to play? Not saying to take out the condition just let those that don’t want to play it play something else.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it… You have so much exp from vermintide, I don’t understand why the choice was made to try and reinvent the wheel here… round wheels are pretty good, they get the job done… lol

This doesn’t need to be so complicated. Just make it so at least 1 of each difficulty is just a standard map with no condition and one that does have a condition. Make the reward for completing the one with the condition a lot greater and call it a day. Heck you don’t need to make all maps available or w.e it can all still be cycled. Just give us at least the option to play a map on each difficulty with and without a condition…


The solution to keeping Special Conditions as they are and letting players decide is very simple. The Atoma Prime Hive should be divided into Districts, and different Conditions (or lack thereof) happen in different Districts, giving the Player the ability to play their desired Difficulty with or without the Conditions.
It keeps the Mission Board shuffling (since Fatshark is apparently married to that now) and lets the Player choose.


They’re just taking pointers from a two year old version of Phasmophobia. (just in case any yall haven’t played it- they changed it to have every map available to choose from now, and you can choose whatever difficulty you want in any map) And at least phasmo’s shop isn’t rng.

And the old version of Crimenet from Payday 2. And a bad version of Deep Rock Galactic.