The intended inability to dodge melee attacks with ranged weapons

Im not so sure. havent got to play it yet so maybe but they have added some new mechanics gonna have to see how that pans out, but we have supression now , ranged enemies can be put into melee mode by proximity and theres a weight on ranged weapons, the hevier the slower to swap to. and of course ammo scarcity will be different. sliding apears to be gone and tracking looks toned down.
it might all allow fora more fluid intermixed style. looking forward to finding out :wink:

That’s not even often true in VT2. There’s almost always a ranged focused player who pulls way more ranged kills than melee. It won’t be true in DT either.

there is a huge risk and that’s the risk of getting hit because you can’t block and push, this dodge mechanic makes it a certainty instead of a risk and doesn’t give you leeway to dodge the first unexpected attack/basckstab and then switch to melee. It’s not about trying to play the game with ranged out constantly, that’s a strawman, it’s about an artificial feeling mechanic that just punishes players for dodging by reflex how the game taught them with the overall enemy attack design.
The horde already requires you to go into melee due to it being much more safer(because you can block and push) and efficient (because you can cut down enemies much faster than shooting them) so the added artificial difference between dodges is superfluous at best and bad design at worst.
The most important takeaway from the beta was that it felt weird, bad and janky, so much that a lot of people thought it was server issues or problems with enemy tracking.
Game is marketed as more ranged focused than VT2(FS said DT is 50%ranged/50% melee compared to 25%/75% IN vt2) while putting so many roadblocks to the smooth flow of the hybrid ranged combat that didn’t exist in the suppossed melee centric VT2 that you gotta wonder honestly if it’s misleading marketing because it doesn’t feel like hybrid combat, something that has also been mentioned by MilkandcookiesTW, when you’re forced to focus only on ranged or only on melee for long periods of time instead of it being a smooth flow between both.


but surely at some point you have to run out of chances to avoid damage? they got behind you got into range you missed the audible warning maybe they should be hitting at this point?
i get what you say it being artificial , but its also consistent and clear, dodge works with melee not ranged , so the reflex should be to swap to melee and dodge because dodging only works that way.

i think we might need to accept there will be a new and differnt things in DT its not another VT lot of the dna is the same but theres a lot of mechanical differences to

not ignoring the rest i just havent had the chance to play it yet so dont know how any of that is

We’re not assuming things here, we’ve experienced this while playing.
It’s not consistent(sometimes they don’t hit you, Hedge said it was unintended) and definitely not clear when you can dodge every special attack, every special grab, every melee attack and every ranged attack but that’s supposed to turn off for melee attacks the moment you switch weapons. As I said, the mechanic was so unclear that people thought it was a server/tracking issue and reported it as such on the feedback forums
“they got behind you got into range you missed the audible warning maybe they should be hitting at this point?” the thing is that the game teaches you to dodge everything by reflex and this mechanic makes the dodge ineffective for avoiding the thing you describe even when you react at the proper dodge timing by reacting to the audio cue and in cases of dodging with a visual cue of the attack windup it makes the enemies skate and turn at unnatural degrees because their tracking is not turned off(here’s an example This is DARKTIDE - A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Warhammer 40k Darktide - YouTube), I know because I’ve experienced it multiple times in the beta, we’re not talking theories or assumptions here but a gameplay mechanic that we’ve experienced while playing and that you can see in most Darktide gameplay videos if you pay attention that didn’t feel like it belonged in the game and actively hurt the overall experience of the combat.


Next patch notes : you can now dodge enemy shots and projectiles, but only with your ranged weapon out :upside_down_face:


pls don’t give me nightmares

I have an update on this, from the combat team:

Players can dodge melee attacks with their ranged weapons out, ranged weapons just have worse dodge in general. In the CBT we ran with a flag that enabled enemies to continue tracking if you wielded your ranged weapon. This flag has been removed as we’ve tuned through all dodges and dodge timings in general and in detail. We still discourage players from trying to dodge-dance melee enemies with ranged weapons, even if it’s possible on the pistols n stuff that are a bit more nimble.


Please give the combat team a pat on the head, or a cookie, whenever you are in HQ.

Queue Darktide’s equivalent of blunderbuss, grudge, and beam staff-only builds (challenge accepted!) :stuck_out_tongue:

excellent news! Big thumbs up for the combat team!

My thanks

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i certainly didnt complain because i felt i need to be able to dodge dance with a ranged out but,
the fact that i get hit, while trying to complete my reload or something, while my dodge was visibly enough.
im totally fine with being vulnerable with a ranged out, to problem is when the game communicates to you and gives you tools to avoid something that simply doesn’t work.

@Aqshy thanks for the clarification and the foresight to change this. cheers

*You are only vulnerable when using weapons with long ttk such as an autogun/autopistol and even the lasgun

Thank you for hearing us!

Yeah, no. I see NO good reason for this. It’s counter-intuitive, takes away fun and replaces it frustration because something that should OBVIOUSLY work does not. Please reconsider in order to have happy players. :slightly_smiling_face:

Its good as it is.