The Female “Munitorum Psyker battledress” model problem

I buy this cosmetic set and find out this dress for female characters very looks weird.

It feel like the female stole the dress from a male to wear instead to be her dress.

Upper dress - the size it looks like a male dress instead to be a female size. Can see from the shoulder, arms, and collar look too wide

Lower dress - the pant, it don’t connect the boots and the size of the boot it’s like a male size.

I’m not sure this is bug or what.
If you have received this problem already and fixing it.
I’m so very thankful.

Thank you for your report! Rest assured that the torso piece is adjusted for a female character on this cosmetic (as with all cosmetics), the differences are slight because of how bulky the coat is, but they’re there.

Regarding the boots, not sure what the issue is? Pants are tucked into the boots is all.

If it helps you compare, premium cosmetics you purchase are shared across your entire account, you can make a character of the same class, opposite gender if you’d like to see how it looks and compare.

I am not seeing it sorry.
The females hardly look like females anyway in this game(and others) BTW, I guess it’s the sign of the times …

If the upper body doesn’t look have any problems anymore.
I don’t have to worry about it.
Thank you so much for checking this.

Veterans and Zealot hard to look at it.
But for me, The Psyker body can look easily.

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