The door spawn system results in specials spawning literally behind players


as for these “door spawns” i can see where they are coming from, cause some sections of maps are narrow corridors and such, I think conceptually these spawn points are mostly fine, it’s just that it blends in too well with the rest of the map elements

you often think these are just part of the map, but all of a sudden enemies start spawning catching you completely off-guard

yay fun.

I persoanlly love the door system, the real problem in my eyes is, that the game simply ignores the doors sometimes completely. What i mean is, the game sometimes spawns the enemys infront of the door or somewhere else. If they make it so that every enemy really comes through the door and maybe give all doors a noticeable sound, it would be fine.

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Rumbler can shoot through them if you stand up against it. Not sure if it’s true for ALL elevators since that depends on how close you can get in that specific elevator. But the one in the smelter level you can for sure.

I don’t mind normal enemies coming out of doors that players are near/next to, but they need a much more distinct sound cue when they are that close, and specials should only be able to use player-inaccessible doors and have to approach the party normally.

Knock, Knock,
Who’s There?

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