The 'Character-Class' Issue


This is why


As much as I would like to see more personal freespace when it comes to customization of outfits/weapons/accessories/what so ever I really don’t want to miss the personalities of the characters I play. It’s the salt and pepper of Vermintide. This game just wouldn’t be the same if the elf, who pours herself one healing potion after another throughout the game, didn’t gossip from her high horse at the first opportunity that you missed a headshot.

I’m not a fan of the class system in Vermintide either, but more for the opposite reason. I like the original characters and I’m not a fan of this “what if” approach that FatShark uses to justify the different classes in V2.


Hard disagree. The characterization, banter and relationships between the group are a big charm point of the Vermintide games.

That being said, more appearance customization beyond hats and fixed color clothing would certainly be welcome.


Vermintide has the best voice acting and dialogues that I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure that most of the players agree with me. There is a lot of backstory in the dialogues and that is told with character interactions while you play.
I really don’t like the idea of going into another persons post and telling them that their idea is bad, but this I can’t support. It feels disrespectful to the actors, actresses and writers that gave life to the U5.

generic, poorly written comedic relief character number three

Each hero has interesting backstories and each career is a different alternative as to what would have happened after vt1. I don’t think they are generic at all, they are actually quite unique and one of the reason why I love this game. It wouldn’t be the same without these characters and interactions, to the point I get exited when I hear a dialogue that I’ve never heard before. I often find myself standing still, so I can hear the lines without triggering an event that would interrupt it.

This is all very subjective, but, like I said before, I know that are a lot of players that agree with me. Vermintide its not just gameplay.


I disagree with OP. I like the characters in VT2 a lot. Their personalities and interactions are one of the major selling points that make this game enjoyable and memorable. It adds some much needed flavour to the Old World. That said, I did hate Saltzpyre’s arrogance for the first few hundred hours of play time. I hope Darktide has similarly well-drawn characters and that their dialogue injects a bit of levity into what looks like a very grim environment. What I would like to see is a much greater database of dialogue, as hearing a story about Hogger’s bridge for the thousandth time loses its effect.

I do hope that cosmetics of characters are more customisable in Darktide than in VT2. Maybe give us weapons that have a lot of different attachments. Let me customize hair cuts and facial hair, hats, leg armour, chest armour etc individually. But the basic character model should stay the same so that in quickplay you can tell who is playing what.

What I don’t want is classes. Give each character a complex and unique skill tree that allows characters to specialize in specific areas or mix and match different skills from lower tier specializations. If you want to be a sniper, or a beserker, or a tank, or a glass cannon, or a jack of all trades you can build it.


Basically muh hairstyles while the characters are generic no. 5730894 variation. Nah, I’d rather have non-customizable characters with personality, than some weird looking user created abominations. There is a lot of games out there that have that already.


I disagree, I dont want any generic or super strange editid characters in a fs game I think they did a great job so far for already told reasons.
Keep on the good work FS!


I rather have well developed characters over silly cosmetics myself but if we’re going to get Kerillian personalities on them… then I’d take the hats. Cause man, that character’s personality have made me sometimes leave games whenever someone joins in as them. There’s something about her that really makes me go “uuuurghh”.


In the immortal words of Sir Kruber: “We’re the bloody Ubersreik FOUR. The elf doesn’t matter.”


No. Just no.

Also, the characters are much more deep than you give them credit for (except the grail knight, cough cough). They all have quite interesting and complex backstories.

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I think there’s a ton value in the characters of Vermintide. I think it’d be great to explore 40k a cast of designed characters.

That said, I think the ability to play and level a generic character would be a huge plus too so that I don’t have to play characters I don’t want to play when a lobby is full.

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I also disagree. Go play skyrim if you want to create char of your own.


This game heavily focuses on interaction between the polished characters. I love the banter in vermintide 2. It would be a huge loss to lose all of this character in our characters.


Set Personalities are Good. Makes it easier to write for it. But im sure we see a change in set Charcters in Terms of Careers. So we have General buit still awesome Talks about Perosnalities and what they experioneced and whatnot. But not Bound to Careers tightly.

i think we could see a “General Perk Tree” pick and choose per Character.
Fully Customizable Characters in Terms of Weapons and Gear. No “tightly” set Careers. That way everyone can have everything in one Character. Also it could make it easier for balancing i reckon.
Thing is if you have Psyker for ex. You get certain Skills/Perks maybe bound to the Weapon?! That would make sense and leave the Balancing/ Skill Tree pretty open aswell!
Look at the Artwork we saw with the 4 Heroes. The Ogryn has some kind of Tank on his back. Couldnt find anything about it. Maybe a New Weapon in Warhammer. We already saw it in Deathwing with the Apothecary Hellfire. And there was the Shotgun Round for the Bolter, cant remember the Name.

Devs tend to make Artwork and Teasers etc. more Realistic to what we can expect, or better said they tend to confirm things with that.

I made a Post about the Flashlight Mechanics very early . Becasue i saw it as a Reveal in the Trailer. And now we actually will have it Ingame which is super cool. This will be the one of the most Epic Warhammer Game so far. It will not only boost Warhammer to top, it also “SAVES ALIEN FANS”… Remember Colonial Marines… Now we get what we were owned, but by Fatshark not the makers from ACM!
Claustrophobic Dark Corridors, Coop, Darkness, Flashlights twice(if you know what i mean XD) Good Story, something that makes your blood pumping hopefully like in AVP when you played Marines Campaign!

Do we really need Classes like in V2? In Fantasy the Options were limited compared to 30/40k IMO
I see 4 Heroes with a General Class they represent and total Customization which can make every Subclass you wanna Play. Maybe some like on the 2 IMPS are split between them, but the Ogryn alone can have like every Subclass he wants to. Only needs to change Armor and weapons and Boom.
I see the Starting looks of these Characters from what weve seen so far. But hard to say…

Hyrophant as primary melee Class witha autogun as backup fast movement speed since no armor
Ogryn is more a Gun Lobber or what you call them. Tank and allrounder
Grenadier IMP. Some say hes Kasrkin but who knows. Some thing speak for it some not really maybe potential
Searg with a Headset, fast moving allrounder with Powerweapons

I think fantasy lends itself better to this, I think there is a certain charm about being random self insert guardsmen in the nightmare of 40k

That is just BS, the concept of the Übersreik 5 (or 4 doesn´t matter) lends itself equally well to 40k.
Why people suddenly want to play a bland, uninteresting custom character is beyond me. No Voicelines or Banter could be made for this Character. No one cares for the Backstory of “my custom character”.
If you want that, go play an MMORPG, a Skyrim-Style RPG or Eternal Crusade (Space-Marines).

Vermintide is great because it has the Übersreik 5, their banter and background stories put together with Lohner and our favourite Shadow-Witch and part time Coach driver.
I pray to Sigmar and the Emperor of Mankind that FatShark does not give into this -.-


While i usually am in favor of customizable character for almost every kind of game.
In this case I have to say no to that. Fatshark did a great job with the personalities, character interactions etc.
And this is part of what keeps the game alive, I’m sure of that.
(If GW didn’t kill of WH Fantasy I wouldn’t even have been surprised over a V3, but alas…they f***** up badly)


Is the tradeoff of character creation in VT2 worth it for the story and character development they have in its place? ABSOLUTELY. The lore and world building in this game is done with excellent level design and character dialogue. If nothing else Saltzpyre is a triumph of voice acting and an immersive personality for that setting. Levels like A Quite Drink are made on the voice acting and personalities that the characters have.

I understand the sentiment. Character creation is a big deal for me in a lot of games. And I’ve met some people that played the game and didn’t really like the Ubersreik 5 for whatever reason. But the tradeoff for this specific game allows for better exploration and immersion in the lore and I think that justifies set characters.

On a design level its too much to change. If they wanted to go Create your own character for VT3/Darktide maybe. But VT2 has tons of dialogue and game informing lines that are set to those characters. You’d need a bunch of voice acting, a lot more cosmetic overhauls, a new system to apply them. And this is a game with pretty long development times already and a number of other base game features that still need updating. Then if you do spend all that time for character creation it still doesn’t change the core gameplay. Which means all the work you did is mostly just viewed by other players since most of what the player is looking at are the weapons. Its just not worth the cost to benefit ratio.

Would I like to see a game in this genre (Melee Co op fantasy hacknslah) that featured character design as one of its features? Sure. But VT2 will not be that game.

Edit: whoops just realized this was the Darktide area. Its narrative vs. player agency I’d be fine with either.

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Art is storytelling, customizable characters do not tell stories - they are a cheap pitiful self-expression outlet for school kids whose mothers tell them what to do, sorry. It doesn’t bring anything to any game except for an extra annoying character creation screen and a possibility for some youtube memeing. However, it does take away any alternatives, one of which in case of VT2 is creating exceptional memorable characters that will outlive the game itself (and are already being included as easter eggs in other WHFB games). You can hold me to it later.

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see I think thats dumb, im not here for chatty banter, im here for gameplay

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