The 12 Winners of the screenshot contest on the Red Moon Inn

Three weeks ago the Red Moon Inn discord server had started a screenshot contest in which in the 12 winners could receive a “The Eternal Serpent” portrait frame for submitting a winning screenshot. The winners of the contest were announced yesterday on a stream and now posted here.
There were a lot of amazing screenshots some of which didn’t end up winning unfortunately but you can check them out yourself as they’re all still viewable on the discord server itself.

Winners of the Bizarre category:

Submitted by Qeater

| Three-headed, Five-eyed Bile Troll! |
Submitted by PLAGUE REBORN87

When you let the fire consume you. Whoops…
Submitted by Nico3251

Winners of the Violence category:

through the fire and the flames, bardin carries on
Submitted by Blazenrend

Kneel Before the Bright Wizard
Submitted by Taco Man

The Last Stand
Submitted by Ruddley

Winners of the Beautiful category:

The song of lightning and fire.
Submitted by ATGャExaridor

“This is what Azumgi calls a ‘selfie’.”
Submitted by (Emilia)エミリアテンペスト

“Be it Warpstone or Herdstone, Kruber will fend off any horror for the sake of his mates…and possible promise of alcohol.”
Submitted by AGamingZebra

Winners of the Casual category:

‘And now it begins, southlander.’ - ‘No. Now… it ends.’
Submitted by KunigundeH

the legendary wooden mallet
Submitted by Alem

Deep Rock Galactic Crossover
Submitted by OtwakO

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