Thanks for the new skins

I would directly buy the new veteran skin.
Sadly I am playing on Gamepass and I have no idea if I can keep it on Xbox later (crosssave) but that’s not the biggest problem. Actually it seems like I have to switch to steam because I can’t play with my friends… unbelievable, every singe s**t game is able to „crossplay“ between steam and Gamepass, only Fatshark is not able to do so….

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They live to serve ;D


well honestly you should not use that gamepass crap

I am out for the weekend and didn’t there were new skins! I can’t wait to see the Vet skin

What a stupid answer and completely useless answer. Your mum must be very proud of you


Veteran is the only one with a good skin. Rest is meh and psyker… Well,with the new skin you look like a clown lmao :rofl: whoever made that one must have been on acid :drooling_face:

I’ve opened a thread about the new ogryn headgear but I’ll repeat it here, because I am karen on a broken record, I dislike that the new beret for ogryn comes with an unremovable bandana.
I will however, say that I like every new cosmetic introduced!
Very well done on fatsharks part

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