Thank you for new Chaos Wastes Challenges and White Outfits

Hi! I want to thank you because Chaos Wastes are just nice game mode and I enjoy it very much but normally there are only few rewards so I play normal maps most of the time. Now I finally had a reason to play them again and I really enjoy it. I like the visual of maps so much and that each expedition is unique.
Thanks to replaying them, I discovered several new things: Quick plays in CW for Quests counts for every map - this knowledge makes that Weekly Quest much less painful. And some nice combinations of bones and careers. My favorite now is “ranged crit hits explode” + Bounty Hunter. (Changes a crossbow into a sniper Trollhammer Torpedo. :smiley: )
And thanks for the new white clothes. Until now, I’ve used almost only the blacks from the challenges, but these are also nice and fit the black helmets well. It’s nice to make a change once in a while and have a white team for a change, instead of a black one. :slight_smile:

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