Thank You for All Your Support During the Community Festival!

Thank you so much!

We just finished wrapping up the first Vermintide Community Festival ft. Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, and received an amazing amount of support and generosity! When I pitched this project to Ishka, I really expected a very small turnout and kind of a bit of a flop in terms of interest.

Throughout three days, an average of 150-175 of you watched this stream per day (with a peak viewer count of almost 300!! While competing with Chaos Wastes reveals!!!), and generously donated over $700 to future events. Holy cow; my mind is blown!

So this post is a little thank you to everyone who watched, participated, and shared in the Vermintide love. Thank you also to Ishka and Mothmana for helping with organization, and to the many, many people who sat in on panels, showcased game modes, donated their time for interview, or dropped raids on us. And finally, a special thank you to Hedge for promo-ing this where I couldn’t reach (Steam community news and the FS Twitter).

I’m still speechless.

VODS can be found on the twitch channel:

And will be posted on the corresponding Youtube by Tuesday: Fight The Tide - YouTube

Feedback can be left in our Discord here: OR you can just leave it below OR you can DM me here, Discord, Twitter; wherever you can find me.

Thank you so much, I have no words. o:

VOD Links

Day 1: Vermintide Community Festival 2021: Day 1 - YouTube
Day 2: Vermintide Community Festival 2021: Day 2 - YouTube
Day 2—Dev Interview: Vermintide Festival 2021: Day 2–Developer Interview - YouTube
Day 3: Vermintide Community Festival 2021: Day 3 - YouTube


And thank you for organising it

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Be warned, might be a stupid question ahead:
Did I just somehow bloody miss every previous Community Festival or was this the first of it’s kind?

First of its kind!

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Considering that you people did very well. :muscle:

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