Textures not loading in - black screen but menus work

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  1. Log in

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The Mourningstar

[Steam/Microsoft Store]

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11/22/22 - Continuous

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Constant (100%)

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darktide_launcher.log (524.9 KB)

I have the same bug in the game.

In addition.
There is no textures when choosing a hero.
There is no textures when downloading to morningstar.
But interfaces with talents and backpack is working

Your issue looks like your anti-virus is blocking EAC

Please add whitelisting for the Darktide directories in your anti-virus, or disable your anti-virus entirely

Please upload your console and darktide logs. users can have similar symptoms but have different root causes so these logs are important to understand your particular issue


We’re looking into this - apologies for the inconvenience.

Here it is
darktide_launcher.log (386.2 KB)

Found the same problem here:

But the recipe in the thread didn’t work for me.

Finnaly I figured it out by reinstalling the game. The problem was solved.

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