Terrible Performance since last Patch (Stutters, HUGE AVG. FPS DROPS)

title. i went from a perfectly fine performance to 20-30 FPS on avg. Unplayable during hordes and while fighting.

please revert the latest update i want to play the game

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Also since the patch - completed one mission, at mission rewards summery then error code 5002 failed joining when going back to the fleet…or attempting to load into any character!

I heard a random in my team, complain about the same issue. My hypothesis; it was due to the map we were playing as it was in the available mission roster a couple of hours ago. Can’t remember the name, but it’s the map that always make everyones fps drop by 10-15 or so.

Same here, ther s many post about this issu, (the third i reply) should be nice if moderator can regroup it and share information with team, or something like that …

It’s not about the map, got 130h on this beta and it was on a map i played again and again.