Temple of Belakor Illusion Champion Disappeared

I was doing a solo run of the chaos wastes on veteran difficulty, and decided to go to the temple of belakor for fun, since it would only be my second time going there.
The second chest, the one directly next to the left set of stairs, spawned an illusionist modifier on their champion. Problem is, when he teleported off Somewhere, he ended up in a location where I could not find him, and he could not reach us.

I spent at least half an hour using the random bomb drops from VR Bardin, just lobbing them into locations where he could be in hopes of trying to trigger him to teleport again. I eventually gave up on that run.

I’m just lucky it happened to me on a solo run, and that there weren’t multiple people being frustrated.
In the end, I have no idea where he ended up, but I know that he softlocked the run.
Please fix this, even if its just something along the lines of “If not damaged by a player for a minute = true, then teleport again to a new location.”

I made an account for these forums, just to report this.
I’m also going to have to avoid doing the new chaos wastes content until it is fixed, since I do not want to risk it happening again.

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