Temple of Be'lakor - Disrupt Locus bug

When inside the Temple of Be’lakor during Chaos Wastes, there is a bug in which if an orb doesn’t spawn that you need to disrupt one of the 3 chests and unlock the exit.

I have narrowed it down to either of the following;

(most likely) A chest is already being disrupted, and you disrupt another chest. This second chest does not then drop an orb.

(less likely but I guess still possible) Playing as Unchained and using my living bomb which then pushed the champion off the map. I can’t say for sure this is what happened because there was a lot of fire surrounding me).

Anyone else found this bug or know the cause? I couldn’t find any other discussions/bug reports about it!

Playing on PS4, no screenshots as I don’t see what it will add when there is nothing there.

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This is likely a PS bug, I think the PC might have received a fix for this already.
I remember watching a crystal roll off the map, it then respawned close to the chest.

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